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Real Estate Finance in Canada

Gain valuable insight from this new release specifically designed to guide legal practitioners through the financing issues that are unique to real estate-based transactions.
Langue De Publication: English
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Hardcover | 450 pages

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Publié: 28 octobre 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433503200

Détails des produits

Written by expert practitioners with decades of experience, Real Estate Finance in Canada offers comprehensive, insightful and practical guidance for completing a financing transaction in the often-complex area of real estate projects.

Tried-and-true direction
This new publication defines finance involving real estate and identifies the fundamental elements that must be considered when undertaking a transaction where the primary asset is the acquisition, servicing and development, or refinancing, of a real estate project. Real estate assets have unique characteristics that need to be taken into account in the context of a financing transaction, including the particular risks that these projects face, the primary methods by which financing is sourced and undertaken for these projects, and the techniques that are used to allocate and mitigate the identified risks.

Real Estate Finance in Canada examines all of these topics and serves as an invaluable reference for managing and documenting real estate-based financing – the financing by commercial borrowers based primarily on the security of real property. Chapters are also devoted to examining specific areas such as insurance, property rights and regulatory issues.

The materials in this useful volume were developed to help readers organize, prepare materials, evaluate and document a transaction where real estate is the primary asset. It is written in plain language to make it more accessible and is not intended to be an academic text, but more as a practical guide. As a result, readers will find the pages filled with helpful pointers and suggestions, charts and checklists, and little in the way of case law or citations.

A valuable resource
With its emphasis on hands-on advice and guidance, Real Estate Finance in Canada will be a useful acquisition for:

  • Real estate and banking and finance lawyers as it serves as a comprehensive guide to assist in the real estate financing aspect of their practice
  • Law clerks who will benefit from the practical guidance it provides for real estate finance transactions
  • Academic institutions as it would be an appropriate text for law school courses such as real estate and secured transactions as well as for programs for real estate law clerks and paralegals
  • Real estate agents and brokers who require a reference guide to real estate financing

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Table des matières

Chapter 1: Introduction: Defining real estate finance
Chapter 2 : Real estate finance fundamentals
Chapter 3: Project finance structure
Chapter 4 : Real estate finance for construction
Chapter 5: Documentation market practices in real estate finance
Chapter 6 : Security in real estate finance
Chapter 7 : Mortgage remedies and disputes
Chapter 8 : Risk in real estate finance and mitigation solutions
Chapter 9 : Insurance in real estate finance
Chapter 10: Real estate public finance markets in Canada
Chapter 11: Funding a mortgage loan portfolio (Financing real estate lenders)
Chapter 12: Financial covenants
Chapter 13: Regulatory issues in real estate finance
Chapter 14: Indigenous rights and review process
Chapter 15: Zoning, permits and environmental considerations