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Williston & Rolls on Costs + USB

Looking for an authoritative resource on costs in Ontario, but don’t want to commit to a loose-leaf subscription? This affordable yet comprehensive publication offers the perfect compromise!
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover + USB | 224 pages

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Publié: 12 septembre 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433509646

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**Please note LexisNexis' USBs, CDs and DVDs are not compatible with Mac software.

This new title is an abridged version of the highly respected reference volume, Williston & Rolls Court Forms, 3rd Edition loose-leaf. It includes Chapters 68 to 74 of the original text which focus on the various aspects of costs in a litigation matter – from security for costs, to assessments of costs, to methods of enforcing the obligation to pay.

Each of the seven chapters in this spin-off book includes the latest forms and precedents, commentary and practice notes related to each topic. Litigation lawyers will undoubtedly find this content and format to be especially practical and insightful. The forms and precedents are also available on a USB stick for quick and easy access, enabling lawyers to save time and money by not having to draft these documents from scratch. This condensed version is also significantly less expensive than the loose-leaf subscription option.

In short, Williston & Rolls on Costs is a portable and affordable resource on the law of costs which will quickly become indispensable to civil litigation lawyers and paralegals in Ontario. Judges will also rely on it when handling legal issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and other civil emergency issues. Finally, it will be an important acquisition for law libraries.


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Table des matières

Chapter 68: Security for costs
Security for costs: Plaintiff or applicant ordinarily resident outside Ontario
Security for costs: Another proceeding pending for same relief
Security for costs: Costs remaining unpaid
Security for costs: Plaintiff a corporation having insufficient assets in Ontario to pay costs
Dismissal of proceeding for failure to give security

Chapter 69: Orders as to costs
Orders as to costs of motions
Orders and judgments as to costs of action
Orders and judgments as to costs of application
Particular orders as to costs

Chapter 70: Bills of costs and costs outline
Costs outline
Bills of costs: At trial
Bills of costs: Of application
Bills of costs: On appeal
Substantial indemnity costs
Solicitor-and-client accounts

Chapter 71: Assessment of costs: Party and party
Assessment of partial indemnity costs

Chapter 72: Assessment of costs: Lawyer and client
Assessment on order by requisition
Confirmation of certificate
Application to transfer assessment to judge

Chapter 73: Appeals from assessment of costs
Appeals from assessment of costs: Partial indemnity
Appeals from assessment of costs: Substantial indemnity

Chapter 74: Additional methods of enforcing obligation of client to pay
Action by lawyer
Motion for lawyer’s charging order
Motion to determine lawyer’s lien
Application to enforce written agreement