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Canadian Private Law

An introduction to the laws and principles that govern relations between individuals, this title explores important private law concepts within the realms of torts, contracts, employment law, property law, intellectual property, business organizations, family law, and insurance.

Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 280 pages

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Publié: 08 juillet 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433502203

Détails des produits

Student-friendly and conducive to learning complex concepts quickly.
As the author states in the introduction, “Private Law …is a dynamic area of the law with new causes of action, or variations on old ones, emerging from Canadian courts with some regularity. "

This new text explores important private law concepts. Written by a seasoned professor, this book is intended for broad readership and designed to accompany legal study.


  • Self Testing Questions – At the end of each chapter for the reader to test their knowledge of the subject matter
  • Seminal Illustrative Case Law –  Explains and simplifies key concepts to the reader and keeps them abreast of important judgments
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Private Law – Each chapter is dedicated to an area of law providing a well-rounded approach to understanding the private law sphere
  • Authoritative Author – is a professor of private law is knowledgeable and experienced in its fundamentals
  • Written for Students – The author explains complex legal principles in accessible language perfect for any student or person seeking to understand private law concepts

 Ideal reading for

  • Students – Law students, undergraduates, or college students taking a private law course as reading material or for supplementary information
  • Professors – As a teaching resource/aid to guide their private law classes
  • Professionals – Seeking to understand the laws and principles that govern our private relationships

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Table des matières

Chapter 1: Private law
Chapter 2: Torts – Negligence
Chapter 3: Torts – Intentional Wrongs and Strict Liability
Chapter 4: Defamation and Privacy
Chapter 5: Contract Basics
Chapter 6: Contract Enforcement
Chapter 7: Employment Law Issues
Chapter 8: Real and Personal Property Issues
Chapter 9: Intellectual Property
Chapter 10: Business Organization Options Affecting Lawsuits
Chapter 11: Family Law
Chapter 12: Insurance
Appendix – Case Extracts

Melnyk v. Melnyk, 2010 M.B.Q.B. 121.
Liu v. Hamptons Golf Course Ltd., 2017 A.B.C.A. 303.
Mustapha v. Culligan of Canada Ltd., 2008 S.C.C. 27.