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Canadian Law of First Responders’ Liability

The advent of the coronavirus crisis has complicated the issue of liability for frontline workers, especially first responders. This volume offers a comprehensive look at this relevant – and evolving – topic.
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 266 pages

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Publié: 16 octobre 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433509585

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For lawyers who represent municipalities and who may be engaged in litigation involving municipalities, municipal services and correctional facility operators, this new publication will quickly become a go-to resource. Written by a municipal law expert with decades of litigation experience, Canadian Law of First Responders’ Liability offers a comprehensive overview of the liability of police, fire protection and prevention services, and emergency medical services (EMS) responders. The text covers the various aspects of liability and, in particular, focuses on police liability related to investigation, prosecution and duties to persons in custody.

A Timely Volume
Canadian Law of First Responders’ Liability features an entire section dedicated to addressing the implications of a pandemic on liability associated with the delivery of police and other emergency services – an especially relevant topic in the era of COVID-19. This content includes an analysis of the impact of pandemics on first responder liability, including with respect to transmittal of infection, refusal to provide services, inability to meet the standard of care regarding the provision of services and liability to first responders by institutional employers.

This book is an invaluable reference tool for lawyers specializing in municipal litigation, as well as law libraries, and police, fire and ambulance services.


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Table des matières

Part I: Police
A. Traditional torts
B. Emerging torts
C. Common law and statutory immunities
D. Evidentiary issues
E. Procedural issues

Part II: Fire protection and prevention service
A. General principles
B. Particular liability issues

Part III: Emergency medical services
A. General principles
B. Standard of care
C. Causation
D. Dispatch
E. Equipment
F. Conduct of EMS Personnel
G. Gross negligence standard in Nova Scotia

Part IV: Operation of emergency vehicles
A. Special rules of the road
B. High-speed police pursuits

Part V: Implications of a pandemic on first responders’ liability
A. Considerations relevant to all first responders
B. Police
C. EMS Personnel
D. Statutory immunity for pandemic-related liability