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Trusts and Trust-like Devices: Translation and Interpretation

Providing invaluable insight into the use and interpretation of trusts and trust-like mechanisms in jurisdictions around the world, this text is a must-read for academics and practitioners alike.
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 142 pages

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Publié: 17 février 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433514350

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In this new release, scholar Irina Gvelesiani offers a comprehensive look at common law trusts as well as the trust-like mechanisms that have developed in non-trust states, with a particular focus on the “linguistic landscape” that surrounds them and informs how they are interpreted and applied.

After examining the “interconnectedness of language and law” in the opening chapter, Trusts and Trust-like Devices: Translation and Interpretation provides a general overview of common law trusts before delving into a linguistic-juridical analysis of the trust-like mechanisms that are in use in Germany, Austria, France, Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Georgia and Russia. Throughout the text, Gvelesiani emphasizes the challenges that often accompany the translation and interpretation of the terms and concepts related to trusts and trust-like devices.

Broad application Intended for linguists, legal translators, lawyers and legal practitioners – and available in an affordable and accessible format – this book would be especially useful in assisting anyone involved in the creation and translation of judicial documents and texts.

This new publication has international appeal and will be an important resource for:

  • Lawyers and judges who are involved in the resolution of legal disputes associated with the misinterpretation of the law as is relates to entrusting relationships in Canada and some European countries
  • Law students who can use it as a supplementary reference volume for undergraduate and graduate courses on trust law, legal translation and interpretation
  • Linguists who need guidance on the development and interpretation of judicial documents and texts
  • Law libraries who want to offer patrons a research and reference tool for learning about trusts and trust-like devices on the international stage

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Table des matières


Part I: Language and law

Part II: The common law trust (The general overview)

Part III: The German trust-like mechanisms (Analysis)

Part IV: The Austrian trust-like devices

Part V: The French fiducie

Part VI: The Romanian fiducia

Part VII: The Swiss trust-like devices

Part VIII: The Luxembourgish fiducie

Part IX: The Canadian trust-like mechanisms

1.1 The historical background
1.2 The contemporary situation
1.2.1 The components of entrusting relationships
1.2.2 The fiduciary ownership
1.2.3 The classification of Quebecoise trusts
1.2.4 The linguistic situation
1.2.5 The common law trust and the Quebecoise fiducie
1.2.6 Terminological incompatibility

Part X: Georgia’s trust-like mechanism

Part XI: Russia’s trust-like mechanism

Part XII: Final remarks