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Annotated Conservation Authorities Act

This title provides substantive commentary about the history of the Conservation Authorities Act and Conservation Authorities in the Province of Ontario; their powers and jurisdiction; and an overview of future issues.
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 270 pages

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Publié: 15 mars 2024
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433524304

Détails des produits

Annotated Conservation Authorities Act is the first comprehensive review of Ontario’s Conservation Authorities Act and the law surrounding Conservation Authorities. It includes a section-by-section review of the Act, with commentary and case law summaries to assist readers in understanding the legislation, and how it has been interpreted and applied by the Courts and relevant tribunals.

Features of This Book

  • Features substantive commentary about the history of the Conservation Authorities Act in Ontario and comparison to other provinces
  • Helps readers understand the jurisdiction and degree of authority that Conservation Authorities hold over development of private land; their relationship with various levels of government; and their relationship with aboriginal and treaty rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act
  • Includes case law on provisions of the Conservation Authorities Act, a summary of recent amendments and pending amendments yet to come into force, plus unreported cases before the Mining and Lands Commissioner
  • Sets out the legal framework surrounding development permits as required from Conservation Authorities and how decisions involving those permits may be challenged
  • Provides an increased understanding of the prosecution of offences under the Conservation Authorities Act
  • Contains an overview and insight into future issues

Who Should Read This Book

  • Real property, planning, environmental and municipal lawyers who regularly advise on practice areas involving the Conservation Authorities Act
  • Tribunals, government agencies and government personnel who need up-to-date information on disputes with Conservation Authorities
  • Judges and adjudicators who require current regulations when rendering legal decisions
  • Professors, law students and law libraries who need a reference work on the Conservation Authorities Act

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Table des matières

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Chapter 1 – Introduction and Background to Conservation Authorities
§ 1.01 Synopsis
§ 1.02 What Are Conservation Authorities?
§ 1.03 History of Conservation Authorities
§ 1.04 Establishment, Governance, and Funding of Conservation Authorities
§ 1.05 Evolution of the Objectives of Conservation Authorities
§ 1.06 Powers of Conservation Authorities

Chapter 2 – Competing and Complementary Jurisdiction over Environmental Protection
§ 2.01 Synopsis
§ 2.02 Shared Jurisdiction over Protection of the Environment
§ 2.03 Conservation Authorities’ Powers and Mandate
§ 2.04 Conservation Authorities as Acting under Provincial and Municipal Power
§ 2.05 Cooperation and Conflict

Chapter 3 – Relationship of Conservation Authorities, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, and Indigenous Peoples
§ 3.01 Synopsis
§ 3.02 Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Conservation Authorities

Part I – Purpose and Interpretation
Part II – Establishment of Conservation Authorities
Part III – Enlarging Areas of Jurisdiction, Amalgamations and Dissolutions
Part IV – Membership and Governance
Part V – Objects, Powers and Duties
Part VI – Regulation of Areas Over Which Authorities Have Jurisdiction
Part VII – Enforcement and Offences
Part VIII – Matters Relating to Land and Water Use
Part IX – Miscellaneous

Table of Cases