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Tolley's Expatriate Tax Planning 2022-23

This title provides detailed analysis of the taxation of both UK individuals working abroad and foreign nationals working in the UK.
Éditeur: LNUK
Langue De Publication: English
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Publié: 20 mai 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780754558422
Éditeur: LNUK

Détails des produits

This title uniquely covers all the income tax, NICs, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax issues that affect expatriate employees, both UK-inbound and UK-outbound. Planning examples are included throughout.

What's New:

  • The latest cases on UK residence and share-based earnings
  • NICs – European secondment issues, including contributions and benefits. The new UK/Switzerland social security agreement.
  • Commentary and HMRC guidance on expatriate aspects of UK Health & Social Care Levy. Update on UK voluntary NICs
  • Expatriates' employment termination payments – new HMRC guidance on the post-employment notice payment (PENP) legislation
  • COVID-19 – new HMRC guidance on expatriates' accommodation costs during pandemic
  • Pensions – changes to global pension fund rules, including benefits

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