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Outbreaks: A Practical Legal and Risk Management Primer for the Healthcare Sector

An accessible volume designed to help both legal and healthcare professionals identify and mitigate the myriad practical and legal issues that arise in outbreak situations like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 774 pages

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Publié: 29 décembre 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433513711

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This timely publication offers invaluable insight into outbreaks and pandemics from a variety of perspectives – historical, economic, societal, ethical, legal, and medical – while providing practical risk management guidance. Written by medico-legal expert Dr. Leanne E. Tran and featuring contributions and input from a number of esteemed practitioners and health thought leaders such as Dr. David Naylor and Dr. David Williams, Outbreaks: A Practical Legal and Risk Management Primer for the Healthcare Sector is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to learn more about responding to public health threats in a coordinated and collaborative manner, locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

A Thought-Provoking Treatise
Case studies. Unique outlooks. Best practices. Outbreaks: A Practical Legal and Risk Management Primer for the Healthcare Sector offers all of these – and more. This useful guide provides the health context for legal professionals and the legal context for health professionals, as well as both viewpoints for government and health policy- and decision-makers to reference when identifying issues so they can make appropriate decisions and develop relevant policies and procedures. Ultimately, this book highlights why we must learn both from our past and from the experiences of other countries so we can better prepare for the next inevitable pandemic and mitigate the impact on our most vulnerable individuals, communities, and countries.

This practical guide features:

  • An accessible format that makes it a quick and easy reference volume
  • Sections and chapters that can be read as standalone material or can be cross-referenced to other relevant areas of the book
  • Interviews with and written contributions from highly regarded professionals in the health sector that often include practical analysis and strategic recommendations on best practices and risk management
  • An appendix containing helpful templates for policies, guidelines, checklists, agreements, forms and best practices

Necessary and Relevant
This volume is of interest to a broad audience, and in particular to:

  • Health law, medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers who must help clients minimize and prevent the risks of lawsuits, class actions, and other legal and regulatory proceedings associated with outbreaks, as well as provide risk management techniques
  • Legal counsel, advisors and administrators of health organizations who must understand the challenges, regulatory frameworks, guidelines and best practices to prepare for the next pandemic, including the development of internal policies and risk management procedures
  • Government stakeholders, legislators and health planners to enable them to understand the emerging issues in the healthcare industry and to create the law and policy required to address those issues and mitigate risk
  • Legal and medical professionals as well as their students and trainees who could use this as a textbook and resource for understanding the legal, regulatory, governance and risk management issues in the health sector
  • Healthcare professionals and researchers (including those in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries) looking for guidance on how to handle the next outbreak, including how to address the regulatory and legal issues that will affect their day-to-day practice
  • Members of the general public who may be interested in learning more about the intersection of law and health in the context of a public health crisis such as a pandemic

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Table des matières


Chapter 1: History of Pandemics and Science and Economics of COVID-19

Chapter 2: Public Health

Chapter 3: Comparison of International Jurisdictions

Chapter 4: Ethics

Chapter 5: Impact on the Healthcare Sector

Chapter 6: Governance and Operations

Chapter 7: Privacy and Security

Chapter 8: Liability and Litigation

Chapter 9: Research

Chapter 10: The Future After COVID-19

Appendix: Prototype Policies, Guidelines, Checklists, Agreements, Forms and Best Practices