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Ontario Superior Court Practice: Annotated Rules & Legislation, 2023 Edition + Annotated Small Claims Court Rules & Related Materials Volume + E-Book + Key Takeaways for Common Motions Flysheet

Ontario Superior Court Practice provides annotated Ontario rules of civil procedure highlighting the crucial information and principles you need to argue on the fly. The clear, well-organized statements of the current civil law and practice are often cited in the lower courts and by the Court of Appeal.
Langue De Publication: English
Book + eBook
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Hardcover Main Volume + Softcover Forms Volume + E-Book + Flysheet | 2,524 pages (Main Volume) + 1,726 pages (Forms Volume) | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Publié: 31 août 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433522171

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"If you are looking for the ultimate ‘rule book’ with the Rules of Civil Procedure, Small Claims Court Rules, key legislation, practice notes, case summaries, links and more I highly recommend Ontario Superior Court Practice by The Honourable Mr. Justice Todd L. Archibald and Master P. Tamara Sugunasiri."

Mitchell Rose, Chartered Mediator & Settlement Counsel
Rose Dispute Resolution

From the book, 40 Mediation Advocacy Tips for Ontario Lawyers by Mitchell Rose (page 7)

The latest legislative and case law developments pertaining to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure
The 2023 Edition of Ontario Superior Court Practice incorporates legislative developments and the most salient case law pertaining to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of the Small Claims Court and related statutes including the Class Proceedings Act, 1992, Solicitor’s Act, Limitations Act, 2002, and more.

10 Reasons Why OSCP is the "On-the-Go" Rules book for All Civil Litigators

  1. Annotations provide a summary of the law with cases footnoted – saves you time to "navigate the forest" to get to the salient point
  2. More in-depth and extensive annotations than other Rules books – gives you the answer that is not found elsewhere
  3. Example situations – helps you apply points of law to applicable situations
  4. Annotations edited by the judiciary to ensure currency – prepares you to meet bench expectations
  5. Accessible tables with procedural & substantive limitation periods, causes of action, defences and remedies, and civil appeal routes – provides you with the roadmap for your case
  6. Quick Guide to Preparation and Filing of Court Materials – relieves you of last-minute panic to prepare court filings
  7. NEW Key Takeaways for Common Motions Flysheet – highlights the most important things you need to know about motions under Rules 19, 20 (Summary Judgment), 21 (Determination of Issue Before Trial), and 40 (Interlocutory Injunctions and Mandatory Orders)
  8. E-discovery Checklist – reminds you of the do’s and don’ts of e-discovery
  9. E-Book version that offers portability and free off-line access to full text of cases – allows you to leave your desk copy in your office
  10. “Two-In-One” (Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure + fully annotated Small Claims Court Rules) – saves you the hassle to “toggle” between two Rules books

The 2023 Edition Also Includes...

  • New Key Takeaways for Common Motions Flysheet, highlighting the most important things you need to know about motions under Rules 19, 20 (Summary Judgment), 21 (Determination of Issue Before Trial), and 40 (Interlocutory Injunctions and Mandatory Orders). This handy reference tool is ideal for litigators and judges who need quick answers while arguing or hearing common motions.
  • The latest amendments to the Rules, including with respect to service of expert reports, scheduling of pre-trial conferences, the test for leave to admit evidence at trial, confirmations, and deadlines for uploading materials to CaseLines.
  • Expanded Practice Notes under s. 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act (anti-SLAPP provision), providing more examples of the circumstances under which plaintiffs’ claims will be dismissed or permitted to proceed.
  • Commentary on relevant new Supreme Court of Canada decisions in Grant Thornton LLP v. New Brunswick (discoverability test at common law), Sherman Estate v. Donovan (open court principle), Anderson v. Alberta (advance costs), and B.C v. Council of Canadians with Disabilities (public interest standing).
  • Commentary on Ontario Court of Appeal rulings released in the last year, including RBC v. 1643937 Ontario Inc. (summary judgment), Thrive Capital Management Ltd. v. Noble (contempt and striking pleadings for non-compliance), Louis v. Poitras (striking jury notice during pandemic), Nirmalendran v. T.E.C. Leaseholds Limited (jurisdiction of case management judges regarding summary judgment motions), Sosnov v. J&H Freiberg (limitations on the role of court-appointed experts), and Grand River Conservation Authority v. Ramdas (assistance to be given to self-represented litigants).
  • Expanded Practice Notes under the Rules of the Small Claims Court, incorporating virtually all reported decisions over the last years.
  • Updated Small Claims Court, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Family Law Rules Forms.

Exclusive E-Book Functionality
Combining technology and superior annotation and commentary, OSCP includes a complimentary e-book version that exclusively offers hyperlinks to full text cases, so you can read a specific rule, locate a relevant case, and link to a full-text version online without additional charge. Plus, you can read, bookmark, copy and email text, do key word searches and make highlights and notes. Plus, LexisNexis e-books are optimized for all mobile devices.

Contributing Author: Andrew James


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Table des matières

Main Volume
Quick Guide to Preparation & Filing of Court Materials

  • Procedural Limitation Periods
  • Substantive Limitation Periods
  • Flowcharts Summarizing Processes under the Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Civil Appeal Routes
  • Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies
Annotated Statutes
  • Courts of Justice Act
  • Class Proceedings Act, 1992
  • Law Society Act (selected sections)
  • Solicitors Act
  • Limitations Act, 2002
  • Evidence Act
  • Judicial Review Procedure Act
  • Number of Judges, O. Reg. 502/99
  • Designation of Regions, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 186
  • Small Claims Court Jurisdiction and Appeal Limit, O. Reg. 626/00
  • Bilingual Proceedings, O. Reg. 53/01
  • General Regulation, O. Reg. 497/20
  • Subrogated Claims (Class Proceedings Act), O. Reg. 498/20
  • Class Proceedings, O. Reg. 771/92
  • Mediators' Fees (Rule 24.1, Rules of Civil Procedure), O. Reg. 451/98
  • Rules of Civil Procedure (Annotated)
  • Tariffs and Fees

Annotated Small Claims Court Rules and Related Materials Volume
  • Rules of the Small Claims Court (Annotated)
  • Family Law Rules
  • Small Claims Court Forms
  • Rules of Civil Procedure Forms
  • Family Law Forms
    • Commonly Used Forms at the Family Responsibility Office
    • Forms Regulated by the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act, 1996
    • Forms Required Under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, 2002
    • Family Law Rules Forms
  • Do's and Don'ts of E-Discovery Practices in Ontario
  • Ontario E-Discovery Implementation Committee Model Document #8 Annotated E-Discovery Checklist
  • Ontario E-Discovery Implementation Committee Model Document #9 Checklist for Preparing a Discovery Plan
Practice Directions

E-Book + Key Takeaways for Common Motions Flysheet