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Canadian Federal Courts Practice, 2022 Edition + E-Book / Pratique devant les Cours fédérales, édition 2022 + livre électronique

Designed for both English and French practitioners who appear before the Federal Courts, this portable civil litigation guide provides up-to-date, section-by-section annotation and commentary for quick reference.
Langue De Publication: English
Book + eBook
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Hardcover + E-Book | 1,724 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply | Langue de publication : anglais et français | Publication Language: English & French

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Publié: 29 décembre 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433517429

Détails des produits

Designed for the Bench – Perfect for the Practitioner
Only Canadian Federal Courts Practice, 2022 Edition / Pratique devant les Cours fédérales, édition 2022 provides all commentary, full text of legislation, forms, Federal Courts of Canada Notices to the Legal Profession, indices, a list of judges and registry offices and an overview of Federal Court practice in English and French. Designed for both English and French practitioners who appear before the Federal Courts, this guide on the Federal Courts Act and Rules, and Federal Courts practice, provides up-to-date, section-by-section annotation and commentary for your quick reference.


  • Bilingual court practice and procedure overview and section-by-section commentary
  • Bilingual reproduction of the full text of the Federal Courts Act, Federal Courts Rules and Forms, and the Federal Courts Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules – Legislation is laid out side-by-side for convenient access to both English and French versions
  • Expert section-by-section annotations of recent key developments – Serves as authoritative guide for further research
  • Bilingual pertinent practice notes and rules of courtroom procedure – Facilitates quick, last-minute verification of courtroom procedures
  • Bilingual forms and tariffs of fees under the Federal Courts Rules – Saves time to locate key information
  • Bilingual table of contents – Locate relevant sections quickly in both English and French

Highlights of the 2022 Edition

  • Updated commentaries throughout, with extensive revision of the commentaries and reorganization of caselaw relating to sections 17 and 18.1 of the Federal Courts Act, and Rules 151 and 213-219 of the Federal Courts Rules
  • Updated lists of Federal Court Judges and Registry Offices
  • Digests of recent key decisions relating to:
    • Procedural fairness in administrative decisions (Sections 18 & 28)McKenzie v. Mikisew Cree First Nation, 2020 FC 1184; Canadian Pacific Railway Company v. Canada (Transportation Agency), 2021 FCA 69
    • The issue of prematurity in judicial review applications (Sections 18 & 28)Western Transloading Corporation v. Canada (Attorney General), 2020 FC 967; The Bank of Nova Scotia v. Williams, 2020 FC 1127
    • The availability of judicial review in the absence of formal decisions (Sections 18 & 28)Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. The Canadian Council for Refugees et al., 2021 FCA 72
    • Intergovernmental disputes (Section 19)Alberta (Attorney General) v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2021 FCA 84
    • The presumptive applicability of forum selection clauses (Section 50.1) Great White Fleet v. Arc-En-Ciel Produce Inc., 2021 FCA 70
    • The preparation of expert reports and waiver of privilege (Rules 52.2 & 280)Guest Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. v. Nomadix, Inc., 2021 FC 276; Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 2021 FC 129
    • The proper scope of cross-examination on an affidavit (Rule 83)Thibodeau v. Edmonton Regional Airport Authority, 2021 FC 146
    • The proper role of interveners (Rule 109)Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Canadian Council for Refugees, 2021 FCA 13
    • The need for evidence to support a request for a confidentiality order (Rule 151)Desjardins v. Canada (Attorney General), 2020 FCA 123
    • The absence of jurisdiction to adjudicate warranty and indemnity claims (Rule 193)McCain Foods Limited v. J.R. Simplot Company, 2021 FCA 4
    • The continuing success of motions for summary judgment/trial (Rules 213-219)Viiv Healthcare Company v. Gilead Sciences Canada, Inc., [2020] F.C.J. No. 460, 2020 FC 486, aff’d 2021 FCA 122; Canmar Foods Ltd. v. TA foods Ltd., 2019 FC 1233, aff’d 2021 FCA 7; Flatwork Technologies, LLC v. Brierly, 2020 FC 997
    • The requirements to meet on a motion for a preliminary determination of questions of law (Rule 220)Google Canada Corporation v. Paid Search Engine Tools, LLC, 2021 FCA 63
    • The strict requirements for affidavits of documents (Rule 223)Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. v. Pharmascience Inc., 2020 FC 1080
    • Reverse class actions and other developments in class proceedings (Rules 334.12-334.31)Hébert v. Wenham, 2020 FCA 186; Salna v. Voltage Pictures, LLC, 2021 FCA 176; Berenguer v. SATA International Azores Airlines, S.A., 2021 FC 394; Canada (Attorney General) v. Jost, 2020 FCA 212
    • The ability to pre-empt plainly unmeritorious motions (Rules 3 & 359) Viiv Healthcare Co. v. Gilead Sciences Canada, Inc., 2021 FCA 122
    • The continuing trend in granting pre-trial injunctions (Rule 373)Bell Media Inc. v. GoldTVBiz, [2019] F.C.J. No. 1331, 2019 FC 1432, aff’d 2021 FCA 100; Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. v. White, [2021] F.C.J. No. 38, 2021 FC 53; TFI Foods Ltd. v. Every Green International Inc., [2020] F.C.J. No. 850, 2020 FC 808
    • When it is appropriate to find counsel liable for costs (Rule 404)Kuehne + Nagel Inc. v. Harman Inc., 2021 FC 26

Auteurs à la une

Table des matières

About the Authors / À propos des auteurs

Legislative Currency / Niveau de mise à jour

Table of Cases / Table des décisions

Judges and Registry Offices / Les juges et les bureaux du greffe

Elements of Practice and Procedure Before the Federal Court of Canada / Éléments de pratique et de procédure devant les Cours fédérales du Canada

Court Practice Notes / Directives sur la procédure

Federal Courts Act / Loi sur les Cours fédérales

Exchequer Court Act / Loi sur la Cour de l'Échiquier (unrepealed sections) (articles non abrogés)

Federal Courts Rules / Règles des Cours fédérales

  • Table of Concordance / Table de concordance
  • Notes on Federal Courts Rules and Proceedings / Notes sur les Règles des Cours fédérales
  • Federal Courts Rules / Règles des Cours fédérales
  • Schedule (Rule 52.2): Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses / Annexe (règle 52.2) Code de déontologie régissant les témoins experts

Forms / Formules

Tariffs of Fees / Tarifs

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (ss. 72-87) / Loi sur l'immigration et la protection des réfugiés (art. 72 à 87)

Federal Courts Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules / Règles des Cours fédérales en matière d'immigration et de protection des réfugiés

Crown Liability and Proceedings Act / Loi sur la responsabilité civile de l'État et le contentieux administratif

Canada Evidence Act / Loi sur la preuve au Canada

Interpretation Act / Loi d'interprétation