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Canadian Employment Benefits and Pension Guide

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The Canadian Employment Benefits and Pension Guide is your tool for staying up-to-date with the latest legal changes in the fast growing and ever evolving area of pensions and benefits. The Guide provides you with the background and context you need to better understand the legislation governing employment benefits and pensions.
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This title is Print on Demand – please expect a potential delay in processing and shipping.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780887966675

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The Canadian Employment Benefits and Pension Guide is designed to be a thorough, practical reference that saves you time when you need information. With this Guide, you'll have the most comprehensive library available for employment benefits and pensions information in Canada. The Guide thoroughly describes the types of plans available and includes design criteria and plan registration requirements that you can use to implement a pension plan for your employees. Its conveniently organized information also helps you with the day-to-day administration of a plan.

This unique publication includes all the information you need in one convenient-to-access source. Updated monthly, the Guide is an indispensable addition to your HR library.

Your subscription also includes a monthly newsletter, the Canadian Employment Benefits and Pension Guide Newsletter.

Recent Topics of Interest:

  • New plan types, including Target Benefit Plans, Jointly Sponsored Pension Plans, and Shared Risk Plans
  • Prescribed conditions for Pooled Registered Pension Plans
  • Leaves related to a critically ill child and the death or disappearance of a child
  • Old Age Security application requirements
  • Estate planning strategies for employees
  • Spousal entitlement to pre-retirement death benefits in Ontario

Product Features:

  • Monthly content updates, including:
    • New and revised commentary;
    • Timely incorporation of amendments to legislation; and
    • Coverage of important case decisions.
  • Over 130 pension charts provide a quick information reference on topics such as vesting, portability, and surplus withdrawal.
  • Detailed commentary offers both planning and operating guidance, helping you to develop and administer benefit and pension plans.
  • The Guide's commentary also provides:
    • Coverage of employee benefits, including executive and incentive compensation, group insurance, workers compensation, and unemployment benefits;
    • Explanations of tax issues, with relevant CRA Information Bulletins and Circulars; and
    • Guidance on pre-retirement counselling for employees.
  • Relevant forms for each jurisdiction are conveniently located in their own separate Government and Agency Documents section.
  • Recent cases include full-text judgments where available.

Annual subscription. Updated bimonthly.

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Table des matières

Government Sponsored Pension Plans
Employer Plans – Standards Legislation
How to Set Up a Plan
Plan Administration
Tax Issues – Employer Sponsored Plans
Registered Retirement Savings Plans
Executive and Incentive Compensation
Employee Benefits
Flexible Benefits and Work Practices
Pre-Retirement Counseling
Government and Agency Documents