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Business Law in Ontario, 2nd Edition

This book will help recognize and avoid legal risks that affect businesses and consumers on a daily basis.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 184 pages

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Published: August 03, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433490579

Product description

A useful reference guide to use throughout your business career
This succinct, accessible text written in plain language, is ideal for business students in college and university, who are looking to gain an understanding of business law principles. This book also provides a handy guide for lawyers, law clerks and paralegals who need to know about business law. The book will help recognize and avoid legal risks that affect businesses and consumers on a daily basis.

Broken down into ten short chapters, for easy assimilation and to reflect a teaching term, Business Law in Ontario, 2nd Edition encapsulates the basic principles, with practical examples, and self-test questions to test the reader's understanding.

New In This Edition

  • Revised commentary to help simplify understanding of the subject matter
  • New material on pleadings and the litigation process
  • Updated commentary on the Duty of Honest Performance and Vicarious Liability
  • New section on Co-operative Corporations
  • Revised chapters on Intellectual Property and Torts

Who Needs The Book?

  • Business and law students – written by an experienced author and professor, this text is a valuable teaching tool structured to reflect the academic term
  • Business owners and managers – written in plain language
  • Practitioners – good resource to have on-hand as a primer for junior lawyers or refresher forsenior practitioners
  • Law libraries & Public libraries – have a copy on your shelves for students, lawyers and business owners

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Canadian Justice System and Business
Chapter 2: Business Organization Options
Chapter 3: Intellectual Property
Chapter 4: Contract Basics
Chapter 5: Contract Enforcement
Chapter 6: Consumer Protection Laws
Chapter 7: Torts
Chapter 8: Insurance
Chapter 9: Employment Law Issues
Chapter 10: Common, But Tricky Property and Financial Issues