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Supreme Court Law Review, 2nd Series

As the country's highest appellate court, the Supreme Court of Canada produces the nation's most authoritative jurisprudence. Since its initial publication in 1980, the Supreme Court Law Review offers a thorough analysis of key decisions by the Supreme Court, while critically examining the soundness of those decisions.
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409832600

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Now in its second series, the Supreme Court Law Review publishes 3-4 times a year, including:

  • A Year-In-Review volume which identifies, discusses and critiques the most important decisions rendered by the Supreme Court in the preceding year.
  • Collections of conference papers on significant developments in topics of national interest such as Unsettled Legacy: Thirty Years of Criminal Justice under the Charter, and Judicial Independence: Keeping Law at a Distance from Politics.
  • Special tribute volumes honouring past high court judges, such as the late Hon. Justice Charles Doherty Gonthier, the late Hon. Justice Bertha Wilson and the late Hon. Chief Justice Antonio Lamer.

This highly regarded title remains one of the top annual publications in law libraries and institutions across Canada and world wide. For more information on purchasing the Series, please contact us at 1-800-387-0899.

Volume 70: Essays Celebrating The Honourable Louis LeBel
Volume 72: Year-In-Review
Volume 73: Essays from Canadian Constitution Foundation's Annual Conference 2015
Volume 74: Essays Celebrating The Honourable Justice Marshall Rothstein
Volume 75: Essays on Community and Institutional Aspects of Religious Freedom
Volume 76: 2015 Constitutional Cases Conference Volume
Volume 77: Year-In-Review
Volume 78: Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Canada's Constitutional Act
Volume 79: Essays on Law and Religion Scholarship
Volume 80: Essays Celebrating The Honourable Thomas Cromwell
Volume 81: 2016 Constitutional Cases Conference Volume
Volume 82: Year-In-Review
Volume 83: Essays on Aboriginal Law Development
Volume 84: Essays about the Law of Obligations
Volume 85: Essays about allowing medical assistance in dying (MAiD)
Volume 86: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Tribute Volume 1
Volume 87: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Tribute Volume 2
Volume 88: 2017 Constitutional Cases Volume
Volume 89: Year-In-Review
Volume 90: Essays on Public Interest Litigation  

Volume 91: Essays from Christian Legal Fellowship National Conference 2018