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Ontario Energy Law: Electricity, 2nd Edition

Written by three energy law experts, this well-organized, handy reference guide provides background on the dynamics between government, regulators and regulated entities to enable readers to understand the way electricity is regulated in Ontario.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 784 pages

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Published: October 05, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433505914

Product description

Regulation of the Ontario electricity system has evolved over the last one hundred years, and continues to do so at an ever-increasing pace. The industry today, which serves over 4.7 million electricity consumers, is inextricably linked to government and government policy on the economy, the environment, and First Nations; for many in the industry, getting a grasp on the legislative and regulatory framework can be a convoluted exercise.

Written by three energy law experts, Ontario Energy Law: Electricity, 2nd Edition takes an incredibly complex subject area and makes it easily understandable to people who are involved in the industry. This well-organized, handy reference guide provides background on the dynamics between government, regulators and regulated entities to enable readers to understand the way electricity is regulated in Ontario.

Book Features

  • Provides a practical analysis regarding the significance of certain legal provisions related to the field of electricity, whether they occur in contracts, statutes or board decisions
  • Focuses on the importance of key legislative provisions and why they are relevant to certain players in the electricity field
  • Simplifies complex industry rules and regulations, such as the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Market Rules and interpretations, making them understandable to the reader
  • Describes the evolution of Ontario's electricity sector due to changing government policies
  • Summarizes the different ways in which Ontario procures new electricity generation facilities from the private sector

What’s New in This Edition

  • Overview of changes to the IESO’s Market Rules resulting from the Market Renewal Program, including:
    • Opportunities to participate in capacity and day-ahead markets
    • How demand response resources can be bid into the market
    • Development of the single-schedule market
  • Revised descriptions of the IESO’s Large Renewable Procurement and other IESO procurements since the previous edition 10 years ago
  • Overview of Ontario’s electricity incentive and subsidy programs, including the Fair Hydro Plan and the Ontario Electricity Rebate
  • A new chapter on emissions reductions and carbon taxes, and the interaction of the federal and Ontario provincial programs
  • A new chapter on energy storage and the “value stack” it can provide to the electricity system
  • Recent developments affecting distribution companies, including consolidation of the sector, the evolving role of the local distribution company and governance initiatives
  • Restructuring of the governing structures of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
  • Description of the OEB’s Renewed Regulatory Framework for distributor and transmitters

Who Should Read This Book

  • Private practitioners involved in energy law to advise clients on the rules and regulations pertaining to Ontario energy legislation, particularly with regards to the generation, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity
  • Government and Municipal lawyers to provide guidance to members of council and government employees
  • In-house counsel who work at an energy or natural resources company to advise their employer on compliance with Ontario energy laws
  • Utilities, retailers and generators to use as a reference tool for their consultants, engineers, and accountants

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1: Introduction to Ontario’s Electricity Industry

Chapter 2: Governmental Jurisdiction Over Electricity

Chapter 3: Federal Involvement

Chapter 4: Generation

Chapter 5: Electricity Markets and System Operation

Chapter 6: Distribution

Chapter 7: Transmission

Chapter 8: Conservation and Demand Management

Chapter 9: Compliance and Enforcement

Chapter 10: Emissions Reductions

Chapter 11: Energy Storage