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A Guide to Canada’s Impact Assessment Act, 2023 Edition

Though not everything in the Impact Assessment Act is new, this legislation introduces substantive changes that broaden the scope of all federal assessments. Turn to this publication to gain a thorough understanding of the IAA. Formerly published as Guide to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | 874 pages | Biennial – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Published: May 16, 2023
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433518860

Product description

The new federal Impact Assessment Act (IAA) which came into force on August 28, 2019, represents a fundamental shift in federal environmental assessment in Canada. The move from environmental assessment to impact assessment has resulted in a need for guidance on how the new legislation differs from the old and the ramifications of those differences. That’s what A Guide to Canada’s Impact Assessment Act, 2023 Edition aims to provide.

Practical and Informative
Written by expert environmental lawyer, Rodney Northey, A Guide to Canada’s Impact Assessment Act, 2023 Edition offers valuable insight into the new Act as well as a detailed review of each of the processes that now govern impact assessment. In particular, practitioners of impact assessment and environmental, resources and infrastructure law will benefit from:

  • The overview of the IAA, including the most relevant features
  • Discussion of the principal factors for assessments and decision-making
  • Comprehensive discussion and analysis of the steps in the assessment process
  • The full text of the IAA and the accompanying regulations
  • The full text of the IAA’s predecessor statute, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012

What's New in the 2023 Edition

  • A brand new section on the triggering of impact assessment
  • Expanded and thorough discussion of the steps in the assessment process
  • A brand new section on other IAA regulatory processes, including regional assessments and strategic assessments

As the first legal reference on the new legislation, A Guide to Canada’s Impact Assessment Act, 2023 Edition will prove indispensable to:

  • Environmental consultants who are responsible for assessing the significance of environmental effects under IAA and numerous environmental regimes across Canada
  • Environmental, energy, aboriginal law, and natural resources lawyers in public and private practice who advise clients on IAA issues and the significance of effects in numerous legal contexts
  • Management and in-house counsel in the energy, mining and natural resources sectors who seek to comply with IAA and design projects to avoid or minimize significant environmental effects
  • Regulatory personnel who administer IAA and other federal, provincial, territorial and self-government regimes that focus on the significance of environmental effects
  • Teachers and advanced environmental studies students interested in environmental assessment inside and outside Canada

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Table of contents

Part 1: Introduction to the IAA
§1.01 Overview
§1.02 Basic Features
§1.03 Interpreting the IAA
§1.04 Timing of Impact Assessments
§1.05 Enforcement

Part 2: Principal Factors for Assessments and Decision Making
§2.01 Effects
§2.02 Significance of Adverse Effects
§2.03 Mitigation of Effects
§2.04 Rights, Knowledge, and Interests of Indigenous Peoples
§2.05 Sustainability
§2.06 Climate Change

Part 3: Triggering Impact Assessment
§3.01 Identifying a Designated Project
§3.02 Planning Phase
§3.03 Decision Whether to Require Impact Assessment

Part 4: Steps in the Assessment Process
§4.01 Scope of the Designated Project
§4.02 Establishing and Operating the Public Registry
§4.03 Coordination and Cooperation with Jurisdictions
§4.04 Input from Expert Federal Authorities
§4.05 Agency-Led Impact Assessments
§4.06 Review Panels

Part 5: Factors Specific to Impact Assessments
§5.01 Factors of Assessment
§5.02 Cumulative Effects
§5.03 Need for the Designated Project
§5.04 Alternatives
§5.05 Public Comments and Engagement

Part 6: Decisions on Impact Assessments
§6.01 Decisions on Impact Assessments

Part 7: Other IAA Regulatory Processes
§7.01 Determinations for Projects on Federal Lands or Outside Canada
§7.02 Regional Assessments
§7.03 Strategic Assessments

Impact Assessment Act and Regulations
Impact Assessment Act, S.C. 2019, c.28, s.1
Information and management of time limits regulations, SOR/2019-283
Physical activities regulations, SOR/2019-285
Designated classes of projects order, SOR/2019-323

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 and key Regulations
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, S.C. 2012, c.19, s.52
Regulations designating physical activities, SOR/2019-285
Prescribed information for the description of a designated project regulations, SOR/2012-148