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Disability Management: Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice, 7th Edition

This book is the perfect resource tool for creating, implementing, and understanding how to integrate an Integrated Disability Management Program with other workplace programs, and provide proven management solutions to Canadian employers.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 1,488 pages

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Published: April 13, 2023
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433525400

Product description

Soaring disability costs can take a big chunk out of company profits.
The good news is that Integrated Disability Management Programs can reduce disability costs by 19%-25% and employee benefit costs by 15%-35%. The seventh edition of Disability Management: Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice is the perfect resource tool for creating, implementing, and understanding how to integrate an Integrated Disability Management Program with other workplace programs and provide proven management solutions to Canadian employers.

Features of This Book

  • Provides a step-by-step approach on how to plan, design, implement, operate, evaluate, and continuously improve an Integrated Disability Management Program
  • Features related policies, practice standards and procedures
  • Offers practical advice on how to integrate an Integrated Disability Management Program with other workplace programs such as employee assistance, human resources, occupational health & safety, attendance control programs, and workplace wellness programs
  • Offers charts, tables, illustrations and case studies to provide clear guidance, instruction and helpful advice
  • Provides expert guidance on marketing disability management programs and communicating results, disability management education, illness and injury prevention techniques, disability management best practices, and the law concerning disability management and effective management of psychological disabilities in the workplace
  • Answers important questions on effective management of all types of disability management claims and cases, disability management best practices, nursing best practices, ethical and legal considerations, cultural implications, and outsourcing approaches and techniques
  • Covers professional skill development topics in career development, internal and external consulting skills, and disability management educational opportunities

What's New in This Edition

  • A new chapter on Project Management, guiding the Disability Management Practitioner/Professional through bidding on and managing project work
  • All 34 previous chapters have been updated with the latest statistics and figures, while drawing together theory and industry practices

Who Should Read This Book

  • Employers, employees, unions, disability management practitioners/professionals, disability claims managers, human resources professionals, workgroups, and employee benefits consultants – to assist in creating or operating an Integrated Disability Management Program
  • Lawyers – to advise employers and employees in this area
  • Rehabilitation specialists and occupational health professionals (including nurses, therapists and physicians) – to assist employees in rehabilitation and return-to-work activities
  • Safety professionals and wellness coordinators – to seek ways to prevent and/or mitigate workplace injury, illness occurrence and costs
  • Government ministries
  • Law libraries
  • Academic – particularly schools offering courses on disability management programs

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Table of contents

Section 1: Disability Management Theory, Strategy and Industry Practices
Chapter 1: Disability Management: Overview
Chapter 2: Joint-Management Support and Involvement
Chapter 3: The Supportive Infrastructure for an Integrated Disability Management Program
Chapter 4: Integrated Disability Management Program: Stakeholder Roles
Chapter 5: An Integrated Disability Management Program: Operationalized
Chapter 6: Integrated Disability Management Program: Outcome Measurements
Chapter 7: The Role of Employee Assistance Programs in Disability Management
Chapter 8: Workplace Attendance Support and Assistance
Chapter 9: Disability Management Standards of Practice
Chapter 10: Disability Management: Role of Ergonomics
Chapter 11: Prevention of Workplace Illness and Injury
Chapter 12: Toxic Work Environments: Impact on Employee Illness/Injury
Chapter 13: Disability Management: Supporting Disciplines

Section 2: Disability Management: Psychological Health and Safety
Chapter 14: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Chapter 15: Psychological Health and Safety: Practical Application in the Workplace
Chapter 16: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: Measurement
Chapter 17: Disability Management: The Social Capital Theory Perspective for Managing Disability Claims
Chapter 18: Effective Management of Disability Claims with Strong Psychosocial Overtones
Chapter 19: Management of Psychosocial Claims: Application

Section 3: Disability Management: Essential Skills
Chapter 20: Marketing Disability Management Programs and Communicating Results
Chapter 21: Disability Management Education
Chapter 22: Disability Management: Ethical Practice
Chapter 23: Disability Management: Legal Aspects
Chapter 24: Disability Management: The Law
Chapter 25: Disability Management: Diversity Considerations
Chapter 26: Impact of Five Generations in the Workplace on Disability Management Programs
Chapter 27: Outsourcing Disability Management Services
Chapter 28: Effective Communication
Chapter 29: Disability Management: Risk Management and Risk Communication
Chapter 30: Internal/External Consulting: Tips for Disability Management Practitioners
Chapter 31: Disability Management Practitioners: Career Development

Section 4: Disability Management: Best Practices and What Lies Ahead
Chapter 32: Project Management
Chapter 33: Disability Management Best Practices
Chapter 34: Disability Management: Nursing Best Practices
Chapter 35: Future Challenges in Disability Management

Section 5: Disability Management: Glossary
Disability Management: Glossary of Terms and Definitions