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Ontario Family Law Practice, 2021 Edition (Volume 1) + Related Materials (Volume 2)

For over a decade, Ontario Family Law Practice has been the standard text for family judges, lawyers and mediators – giving them the relevant law, practice and contact information at their fingertips.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover Main Volume (Volume 1) + Softcover Related Materials (Volume 2) | 3,136 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433506119

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Newly Updated for Changing Times
As the all-time “Go-To” Resource for family law practitioners, Ontario Family Law Practice, 2021 Edition contains the amendments to the Divorce Act, in force as of March 1, 2021, along with expert insights of changes to family law practice under the new regime.

For more than two decades, Ontario Family Law Practice has been the standard text for family judges, lawyers and mediators – giving them the relevant law, practice and contact information at their fingertips. In two Volumes, you'll find succinct, section-by-section annotations of the key federal and Ontario legislation and rules governing family law, organized under the three pillars of substantive law, enforcement, and practice and procedure.

Along with digests for over 5,000 cases and statutory cross-references, this book offers insight and analysis from leading members of the bar and judiciary. Key developments are noted in the year in review summary and legislation is fully cross-referenced for ease of use. Related materials are provided in the accompanying softcover Volume 2. Only Ontario Family Law Practice continues to deliver all the family law information needed to succeed in one convenient package. Each annual edition is fully updated with a careful review of all annotations and material to make this reference uncluttered with obsolete cases, keeping just the current and applicable information in a portable format.

The 2021 Edition – What’s New?
The 2-Volume 2021 Edition is organized to suit the research needs of family law professionals acting on different issues:

  • Volume 1: Part I Substantive Law, Part II Practice and Procedure
  • Volume 2: Part III Enforcement, Related Legislation, Practice Notes

Highlights of the 2021 Edition

  • Bill C-78 amendments to the Divorce Act, in effect March 1, 2021, affecting:
    • Replacing the terms “custody” and “access” with terminology focused on parents’ responsibilities
    • Expanded definition of “Best interests of child (s”. 16)
    • Codified procedure for determining Mobility rights
    • Approaches to address family violence
    • New procedure for recognizing and varying non-Ontario decisions
  • Child, Youth and Family Service Act, Part X, in force January 1, 2020
  • Digests of all reported Ontario family law cases over the previous year, highlighting recent Court of Appeal decisions such as:
    • Petersoo v. Petersoo (family arbitration procedure)
    • Geliedan v. Rawdah (wrongful removal of child under CLRA s. 40)
    • Rigillo v. Rigillo (parallel parenting arrangements)
    • A.M. v. C.H. (therapeutic orders in custody cases)
    • L.M. v. Peel Region CAS (access orders under CYFSA)
    • Chong v. Donnelly (exercise of contempt power)
    • Richardson v. Richardson (rejection of settlements)
    • Peerenboom v. Peerenboom (executing on encumbrance over matrimonial home)
    • Leitch v. Novac (third party assisting in non-disclosure by family litigant)
    • Must v. Shkuryna (interaction between “special party” rule and SDA)
    • Novikova v. Lyzo (recognition of foreign divorces)
    • Miaskowski v. MacIntyre (effect of reconciliation on separation agreements)
    • Morwald-Benevides v. Benevides (principles of appointing of amicus curiae in family law cases)
  • 2019-2020 Year-in-Review
  • And more!

Who Should Buy

  • Family law practitioners who need a quick reference in court and before, or during client or settlement meetings
  • Non-specialist lawyers who need one-stop, easy-to-use access to the overlapping legislation and constantly evolving case law
  • Judges of Ontario family courts who demand a comprehensive and authoritative source of the law and practice in this area
  • Family Mediators and Child Protection Mediators who need to consult a reliable resource for interpretation of the law

Putting Family Law in the Palm of Your Hand
Ontario Family Law Practice is published in two volumes – a hardcover main volume to take to court (Volume 1) and a softcover Related Materials volume (Volume 2).


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Table of contents

2019-2020 Year in Review
Quick Index
Limitations Table
Table of Cases

Part I: Substantive Law – Annotated Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Child Support Guidelines, Children's Law Reform Act, Child and Family Services Act, selected provisions of the Succession Law Reform Act, Pension Benefits Act and other related legislation

Part II: Practice and Procedure – Annotated Family Law Rules and selected provisions of the Courts of Justice Act

Part III: Enforcement – Annotated Federal and Ontario Statutes and Regulations, including the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act, 1996 and the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, 2002

Child, Youth and Family Services Act Regulations

Practice Notes
Practice Note 1: Family Court Services in Ontario

Practice Note 2: Practice Directions

Practice Note 3: Integrated Domestic Violence Court

Practice Note 4: Children’s Aid Society Policy

Practice Note 5: Protocols for Handling Return Applications and Interjurisdictional Judicial Communication under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Practice Note 6: Ontario Psychological Association Ethical Guidelines

Practice Note 7: Valuation and Income Assessment

Practice Note 8: Developments in the Treatment of Pensions under Ontario Family Law

Practice Note 9: Practitioner’s Notes