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Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual, 2nd Edition

Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual is the reference source on the law of wrongful dismissal. You'll find this Manual is both a starting point for research and a must-have guide to practice issues.
Publication Language: English
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Published: January 01, 2005
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433449881

Product description

Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual is designed to be a must-have reference tool as well as a practical starting point for research in the practice of labour and employment law. It emphasizes both practical points and developments in case law.

Coverage includes:

  • The doctrine's scope and the employment relationship
  • Termination of employment - express termination, notice requirements, resignation
  • What does and does not constitute constructive dismissal
  • What does and does not constitute "just cause"
  • Enforceability of standard form contracts and employers' policies, termination agreements and severance packages
  • Damages and remedies: treatment of benefits, availability and quantification of aggravated and punitive damages
  • Employment standards provisions

Features You Have Come to Expect

You'll find this Manual is both a starting point for research and a must-have guide to practice issues:

  • Comprehensive Coverage - includes coverage of substantive and procedural issues, case law, the applicable legislation and now, with the addition of LexisNexis® Quicklaw® citations, the means to do further case law research.
  • Practice Tools such as:
    • Charts of reasonable notice periods for a range of jobs
    • Precedents for: warning letters, termination notices, statements of claim and defence
    • Practice points including limitation periods, what to include in pleadings and calculation of interest
  • Format - The looseleaf format combined with regular releases ensures that you are kept appraised of the current and evolving state of the law
  • Authoritative - Provides you with expert guidance you can rely on with confidence

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Doctrine's Scope and the Employment Relationship
Chapter 2: Termination of Employment
Chapter 3: Constructive Dismissal
Chapter 4: Just Cause
Chapter 5: Other Defences
Chapter 6: Express and Written Agreements
Chapter 7: Reasonable Notice
Chapter 8: Reasonable Notice Award Summaries
Chapter 9: Damages and Remedies
Chapter 10: Mitigation and Deductions from Award
Chapter 11: Practice Points
Chapter 12: Related Actions
Chapter 13: Statutes and Regulations
Chapter 14: Termination Documents and Precedents