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Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada, 6th Edition

This new edition covers the latest hot topics in advertising and marketing law in Canada. With this guide as your reference, you can advise your clients and colleagues knowing that you have the “do’s and don’ts” at your fingertips.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 520 pages

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Published: June 24, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433502395

Product description

First published in 2004 and now in its sixth edition, Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada has become the "go-to" legal reference for advertising and marketing professionals. Each edition captures the latest changes to the law and discusses the pitfalls of common advertising and marketing practices.

Written in plain language by an experienced and creative team of advertising lawyers, this comprehensive resource sets out the ground rules and practical issues of Canadian advertising law, and includes:

  • An explanation of the applicable legislation and regulatory codes for all provinces, territories and federally regulated sectors
  • A review of the most popular marketing channels and techniques so you can evaluate possible strategies and tactics
  • A discussion of common problem areas and potential risks so you can understand the limits associated with promoting certain products and services
  • A wide range of real life examples to illustrate the practical aspects of both good and bad advertising
  • Helpful day-to-day aids such as customizable checklists, lists of DOs and DON'Ts and descriptions of best practices

The 6th Edition discusses:

  • Influencers and social media
  • New food marketing restrictions to address child obesity issues
  • Anticipated legislative changes pertaining to advertising to children
  • Online behavioural advertising
  • Federal and provincial rules for packaging, labelling and advertising cannabis products
  • Changes to food advertising laws arising from the recently introduced Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations
  • Advertising practices on social media platforms like Facebook that raise privacy concerns
  • Security and information retention issues
  • Changes to telemarketing laws
  • The revised Ad Standards’ Advertising Dispute Procedure 2019
  • Quebec loyalty programs
  • and more!

Who Should Read This Book

  • Advertising lawyers who want to provide their clients with up-to-date, practical advice
  • In-house counsel who want to ensure they have the information they need to properly advise their companies about marketing and advertising programs
  • Professionals at ad agencies and marketing firms who need to understand the legislative parameters that govern their clients' advertising campaigns
  • Advertising and Marketing program students who need a plain language reference to have the basic understanding of the very complex compliance framework for the many industries advertising and marketing laws apply to


Featured Authors

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Principles of Advertising and Marketing Law - Brenda Pritchard 

Chapter 2: False or Misleading Advertising - Susan Vogt

Chapter 3: Substantiating Advertising Claims: What You Need and When You Need It - Brenda Pritchard

Chapter 4: Price and Credit Advertising - Brenda Pritchard, Daniel Cole and Melissa Tehrani

Chapter 5: Social Media - Daniel Cole

Chapter 6: Green Marketing - Christopher Oates

Chapter 7: Contests - Susan Vogt, Brenda Pritchard and Daniel Cole

Chapter 8: Advertising to Children - Melissa Tehrani

Chapter 9: Packaging and Labeling- Susan Vogt and Christopher Oates

Chapter 10: Drugs and Natural Health Products - Lewis Retik

Chapter 11: Cosmetics - Christopher Oates

Chapter 12: Food Advertising - Lewis Retik and Brian Fraser

Chapter 13: Alcohol and Automotive: Chris Oates
Automotive: Daniel Cole and John Leckie

Chapter 14: Trade-marks and Other I.P. Brand Protection Strategies - Susan Vogt, Eric Macramalla, Laurent Massam

Chapter 15: Advertising and Music Licensing - Susan Abramovitch, Shelagh Carnegie, and René Bissonnette

Chapter 16: Competition Law Issues - Ian MacDonald and Elad Gafni

Chapter 17: Talent Negotiation and Union Issues - Brenda Pritchard, Melissa Tehrani, William MacGregor, and René Bissonnette

Chapter 18: Privacy Law in Canada - Christopher Oates

Chapter 19: Uniquely Quebec Issues - André Rivest and Melissa Tehrani

Chapter 20: Canadiana Issues - Brenda Pritchard

Chapter 21: Misappropriation of Personality and Implied Endorsement - Brenda Pritchard

Chapter 22: Do they really like it? Misleading Product and Consumer Reviews and Use of Influencers - Brenda Pritchard