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Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law

With this new publication, readers will have access to the case law and legal principles relevant to virtually all areas of insurance law in Canada.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 1,512 pages

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Published: June 11, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433465270

Product description

From motor vehicle accidents, to errors and omissions, to disability claims, the sheer range of situations and matters that require an understanding of insurance law is broad and far-reaching. With this new publication, Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law, readers will have access to a detailed index providing immediate reference to the case law and legal principles relevant to virtually all areas of insurance law in Canada.

Features and Benefits
Edited by experienced insurance law experts Michael Thomas and Nigel Trevethan with contributions by Aaron Atkinson, JoAnne Barnum, Cameron Elder, Djuna Field, Jonathan Meadows, Kora Paciorek, David Pilley, Michael Robinson, Liisa Tella, Emily Williamson and Kim Yee, this comprehensive casebook offers both lawyers and insurance professionals an overview of the current state of Canadian law as it applies to insurance-related matters. In addition to examining long-standing insurance law principles and emerging issues, Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law provides a comprehensive index providing immediate access to detailed case summaries and insightful commentary on cases that have helped shape the current state of the area of the law.

This resource will prove invaluable to lawyers and insurance professionals who require a resource that covers multiples areas of insurance law, including automobile, medical, homeowner's, commercial liability and disability insurance, among others. Those who work in the insurance industry – whether as lawyers or non-legal professionals – will find this book particularly useful because it is:

  • Comprehensive: Gain an overview of a wide range of insurance law cases and commentary
  • Efficient: Access all of the insurance-related information you need in this "one-stop shop"
  • Practical: This book will be a useful addition to the bookshelf of both lawyers and non-lawyers because it covers so much information
  • National: Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law examines insurance law across Canada

An Important Reference
This new publication will be especially helpful for:

  • Insurance lawyers who need up-to-date and relevant information on all areas of insurance law
  • In-house counsel, particularly at banks and insurance companies, who are required to contain the costs associated with outside counsel
  • Non-legal professionals in the insurance industry, such as adjusters and underwriters, who want a better understanding of the legal principles and responsibilities that apply to their role
  • Law libraries that want to provide a useful resource for lawyers and students who don't deal with insurance matters on a regular basis

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Table of contents

1. Accident and Sickness Insurance
2. Automobile Insurance
3. Commercial General Liability insurance
4. Commercial Host Liability
5. Credit Insurance
6. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
7. Disability Insurance
8. Errors and Omissions Policies
9. Fidelity Insurance
10. Fire Insurance
11. Government Health Insurance Plans
12. Group Insurance
13. Homeowner's Insurance
14. Liability Insurance
15. Life Insurance
16. Medical Travel Insurance
17. Mortgage Life Insurance
18. Property Insurance

1. Insurance adjusters
2. Insurance brokers
3. Arbitration
4. Interests and costs
5. Damages
6. Practice and Procedure
7. Reinsurance
8. Restitution