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Legal Research Handbook, 6th Edition, Student Edition

This edition provides a thorough review of the legal research material currently available including computer-assisted research. It shows you how to create a thorough research checklist and categorize research sources according to the nature of the problem. [SOFTCOVER FORMAT]
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433465379

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Become A More Effective Legal Researcher

This highly respected practical handbook for Canadian legal researchers has now been thoroughly revised and updated since the previous edition published in 2003. The many dramatic developments in legal research over the past decade are reflected in this new edition, with a fresh look at traditional and modern research approaches in Canadian common law as well as chapters on Quebec, Aboriginal, US, UK, French and other international law. It is the only book of its kind in Canada to go into this kind of depth regarding other jurisdictions. You'll find this guide to be an essential teaching tool - providing you with a solid grasp of the research fundamentals you need in order to become the most effective legal researcher and writer you can be.

Features and Benefits
  • How to research different aspects of the law – Case law, statutes, regulations, etc.
  • How to work with various research sources – Getting the most from print and electronic materials including encyclopedias, dictionaries and periodicals
  • Covers different jurisdictions relevant to Canadian law firms – Canada, US, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries and international law
  • Includes chapters on legal writing and legal citation
  • Provides detailed guidance on how to run a law library
New in This Edition
  • New chapter, exclusive to this publication, on researching Aboriginal law – of particular interest because of the increasing spotlight on Aboriginal law with respect to constitutional and natural resource laws and other legal issues
  • New chapters on legal citation, with unique coverage providing the reader with a firm grasp of the theory of citation: why it matters and the general principles of how it should be done
  • New chapter on Legal Information providers, now offering a greater survey of the available legal research sources in Canada
  • Expanded chapter on researching Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth jurisdictions – now includes more material on legal research in the broader Commonwealth generally, reflecting the increase in precedential value of Commonwealth jurisprudence in Canadian law
  • Thoroughly updated to take into account the many major developments in on-line and print research that have occurred since the publication of this book 10 years ago
Who Will Benefit?
  • Law firms – Providing a comprehensive guide to all types of legal research including hard-to-access law from other jurisdictions
  • Law schools
  • Law libraries
  • Government lawyers, in-house counsel and other lawyers

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Legal Research Concepts
Chapter 2: Legal Information Providers
Chapter 3: Statutes
Chapter 4: Subordinate Legislation
Chapter 5: Research Caselaw
Chapter 6: Legal Encyclopedias
Chapter 7: Legal Periodicals, Legal Periodical Indexes, and Full-Text Electronic Sources
Chapter 8: Other Secondary Literature Research Sources
Chapter 9: Aboriginal Law
Chapter 10: Researching Quebec Law
Chapter 11: Researching French Law
Chapter 12: Researching United Kingdom Law
Chapter 13: Researching Law of Australia, New Zealand, and Other Commonwealth Jurisdictions
Chapter 14: Researching United States Law
Chapter 15: Researching European Union Law
Chapter 16: Researching Foreign, Comparative and International Law
Chapter 17: Improving Legal Writing
Chapter 18: Legal Citation
Chapter 19: Law Firm Libraries