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Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law Abridged, 8th Edition

A convenient and affordable desk edition, keyed to the eight-volume master treatise — Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law. Covers the main issues relating to oil and gas law, such as property interests, conveyancing, oil and gas leases, implied covenants, and pooling and unitization.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Publication Language: English
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Published: November 17, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9781522181804
Publisher: Matthew Bender

Product description

Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law (Abridged Edition) is a one-volume abridgment of the eight-volume Williams & Meyers treatise on oil and gas law. It is designed to make available to persons concerned with the oil and gas industry—lawyers, landmen (oil company employees who manage the company's relations with its landowners), engineers, investors, legislators and other government officials—a general survey of the law governing the transfer, leasing, and development of oil and gas interests. Many of the lengthy discussions found in the treatise have been abbreviated so that the reader is not “bogged down” by excessive detail; in addition, footnotes have been kept to a minimum.

The abridged edition offers expert guidance on:

  • Nature of interests in oil and gas
  • Oil and gas conveyancing
  • Grants and reservations affecting the working interest
  • Concurrent and successive interests
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Implied covenants
  • Division orders, transfer orders, and gas purchase contracts
  • Pooling and unitization

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: A Brief Introduction to Scientific and Engineering Background of Oil and Gas Law 

Chapter 2: Nature of Interests in Oil and Gas

Chapter 3: Oil and Gas Conveyancing

Chapter 4: Grants and Reservations Affecting Working Interest

Chapter 5: Concurrent and Successive Interests

Chapter 6: The Oil and Gas Lease--Express Provisions

Chapter 7: Division Orders, Transfer Orders, and Gas Purchase Contracts

Chapter 8: Implied Covenants

Chapter 9: Pooling and Unitization

Appendix 1: Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease

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