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Trade Secret Law and Corporate Strategy, 2018 Edition

Trade Secret Law and Corporate Strategy by Darin Snyder & David Almeling offers "best practices" for businesses and organizations that need to create, maintain, protect, and enforce their own trade secrets and to avoid misappropriating others.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Publication Language: English
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Published: January 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781522147411
Publisher: Matthew Bender

Product description

Trade Secret Law and Corporate Strategy authored by Darin Snyder & David Almeling: Trade secrets--stealing them, protecting them, enforcing them--are increasingly big business. To understand why, consider any information you know about your job that you're supposed to keep confidential. That information may qualify as a trade secret. Trade secrets thus concern everyone from the engineer who invents a better mousetrap to the marketer who knows pre-release prices, from the CEO who drafts the company's five-year plan to the HR rep who manages the organizational chart, and so on.

Trade Secret Law and Corporate Strategy is an accessible introduction to all things trade secret. It examines the audacious schemes of trade secret thieves by presenting dozens of case studies and the lessons to learn from them. It also offers best practices for protecting trade secrets from theft, investigating a suspected breach, and enforcing a trade secret in court and other forums. Preeminent intellectual property lawyers Darin Snyder and David Almeling have written this book for anyone who wants to learn about trade secrets: business people and engineers, judges and students, even attorneys who don't specialize in trade secret law.


  • Provides an accessible introduction to trade secret law in the United States
  • Offers "best practices" for businesses and organizations that need to create, maintain, protect, and enforce their own trade secrets and to avoid misappropriating others
  • Details how to respond to the loss of trade secrets, from investigation to litigation
  • Helps companies protect their trade secrets by explaining how to adopt policies that prevent the loss of confidential information
  • Written in a case-study format which shows real-world examples of trade secret litigation and the lessons that can be learned from them

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Table of contents


PART I The Basics
CHAPTER 1 Trade Secrets- -The Basics
CHAPTER 2 Trade Secrets in Context: Why Trade Secrets Are Increasingly Important to Businesses, Employees, and the Economy

PART II Four Keys to a Successful Trade Secret Strategy
CHAPTER 3 Key No. 1: How to Recruit, Hire, Train, and Terminate Employees
CHAPTER 4 Key No. 2: Information Security
CHAPTER 5 Key No. 3: Physical Security
CHAPTER 6 Key No. 4: Agreements to Protect Trade Secrets

PART III Trade Secrets in Practice
CHAPTER 7 Investigating Suspected Trade Secret Theft
CHAPTER 8 Knowing What You've Got and Whether You're Doing Enough to Protect It: A Trade Secret Audit
CHAPTER 9 Trade Secret Litigation: What to Expect When You're Litigating

PART IV Appendix and Index
Appendix A List of Case Studies