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Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition; and Pozner and Dodd, The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD (Bundle)

This convenient package gives you indispensable expertise to develop black-belt cross-examination skills, including the new Pozner & Dodd's Cross-Examination: Science & Techniques, Third Edition PLUS the Third Edition of Pozner & Dodd's The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD.
Publication Language: English
Book + CD
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Published: January 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781632846013

Product description

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Get two essential resources for effective cross-examination together, at a discounted price: Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition and The Masters of Cross-Examination (DVD).

Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition is an extensive revision and reorganization of Larry Pozner and Roger J. Dodd's classic work, written to meet the needs of today's trial attorneys. Pozner and Dodd's signature techniques and methodologies, which have brought them acclaim as the nation's leading experts on cross-examination, are illustrated with numerous new examples added specifically for the Third Edition.

With authoritative guidance from Larry Pozner and Roger J. Dodd, The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD set gives attorneys the practical tools to unleash the power of constructive cross-examination for better trial outcomes. Four DVDs, containing nine lectures, provide detailed guidance on the authors' signature "Chapter Method" of preparing for cross-examination, as well as proven techniques for controlling witnesses.


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Table of contents

Cross-Examination Science & Techniques, Third Edition
Chapter 1 Philosophy and Overview of the Science of Cross
Chapter 2 The Chapter Method of Cross
Chapter 3 Developing, Promoting, And Employing Our Theory Of The Case
Chapter 4 Cross-Focused Discovery And Investigation
Chapter 5 Constructive Cross
Chapter 6 Cross Preparation Systems: Sourcing The Facts
Chapter 7 Cross-Preparation System 1: Drafting Topic Chapters
Chapter 8 Cross-Preparation System 2: Sequence Of Events Charts
Chapter 9 Cross-Preparation System 3: Witness Statement Comparison Charts
Chapter 10 The Only Three Rules Of Cross
Chapter 11 Page Preparation Of Cross
Chapter 12 Sequences Of Cross
Chapter 13 Destroying Safe Havens
Chapter 14 Cross Without Discovery
Chapter 15 Controlling The Runaway Witness
Chapter 16 Dealing With The "I Don't Know" Or "I Don't Remember" Witness
Chapter 17 Creation And Uses Of Silence
Chapter 18 Value-Based Cross
Chapter 19 Impeachment By Inconsistent Statement
Chapter 20 Impeachment By Omission
Chapter 21 Specialized Impeachment Techniques
Chapter 22 Redirect And Recross Examination
Chapter 23 Diminishing Or Building The Point
Chapter 24 Juxtaposition
Chapter 25 Trilogies
Chapter 26 Loops, Double Loops, And Spontaneous Loops
Chapter 27 Voice, Movement, Body Language, And Timing
Chapter 28 Coping With Objections
Chapter 29 Recognizing And Controlling Bait

The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD, Third Edition
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Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4