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Courtroom Criminal Evidence, 7th Edition (2 Volumes)

Learn about the latest developments in evidence law, including evidentiary issues posed by fax and e-mail, scientific and polygraph evidence, and more.
Publisher: Michie
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 2 Volumes

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Published: January 01, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9781663342652
Publisher: Michie

Product description

Conduct a winning case knowing all the rules governing admissibility and sufficiency of evidence with Courtroom Criminal Evidence!

Thousands of lawyers refer to this popular resource for expert guidance on criminal evidence issues. Written by a team of four leading attorneys with years of combined expertise in evidence law, this book presents an analytical framework that simplifies evidence law and helps you understand the issues.

With a wealth of information packed into two volumes, this is one resource you can count on for quick reference and expert advice anytime. Learn about the latest developments in evidence law, including:

  • Evidentiary issues posed by fax, e-mail, caller ID, and computer generated animations
  •  Scientific evidence
  •  Polygraph evidence
  •  Evidence obtained from automobile stops and other searches and seizures
  •  Chain-of-custody issues
  •  The latest amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence

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Table of contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Related Procedures
Chapter 2 Competency of Witnesses
Chapter 3 Relevance
Chapter 4 Authentication
Chapter 5 Real Evidence
Chapter 6 Scientific Evidence
Chapter 7 Credibility of Witnesses
Chapter 8 Character and Habit Evidence
Chapter 9 Uncharged Misconduct
Chapter 10 The Hearsay Rule
Chapter 11 Admissions of a Party-Opponent
Chapter 12 Hearsay Exceptions That Do Not Require Proof of the Declarant’s Unavailability
Chapter 13 Hearsay Exceptions Requiring Proof of the Declarant’s Unavailability
Chapter 14 Expert and Lay Opinion Testimony
Chapter 15 The Best Evidence Rule
Chapter 16 Communications Privileges for Confidential Relations
Chapter 17 Privileges
Chapter 18 Search or Seizure

Volume 2
Chapter 19 Probable Cause and Warrants
Chapter 20 Warrantless Searches
Chapter 21 Fourth Amendment Standing
Chapter 22 The Exclusionary Rule and Derivative Evidence
Chapter 23 The Voluntariness Doctrine
Chapter 24 The McNabb-Mallory Rule
Chapter 25 The Miranda Doctrine
Chapter 26 The Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel at Interrogations
Chapter 27 Suppression of Confessions: The Exclusionary Rule
Chapter 28 Eyewitness Identification
Chapter 29 Burdens of Production and Proof
Chapter 30 Judicial Notice
Chapter 31 Stipulations

Table of Cases