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The Practitioner's Criminal Code, 2023 Edition + E-Book – Student Edition

**This title is to be purchased by students only**

This leading annotated Criminal Code offers noteworthy comments about interesting cases, and a clearer indication of contentious issues and possible arguments that lawyers have come to expect from any other annotated Criminal Code. This is a student edition.

Publication Language: English
Book + eBook

Softcover + E-Book | 2,280 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Published: August 31, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433523642

Product description

**This title is to be purchased by students only**

Click here for the professional edition of The Practitioner's Criminal Code, 2023 Edition + E-Book.

Practice Gold Standard Criminal Law on the Go – Incorporating Technology with Alan Gold's Unique Insights and Experience
Often known as the "Gold Code," this leading annotated Criminal Code stands out from the competition and is now the choice of the criminal bar across the country and continues to be well received by academia.

The five driving "practitioner-centric" principles behind the "Gold Code" have become a critical feature that criminal lawyers look for in choosing their only portable Criminal Code reference and courtroom companion in their daily use.

  • Principle 1: Analysis, not just annotations
  • Principle 2: Synthesis, not just summaries
  • Principle 3: Case commentaries, not just summaries
  • Principle 4: The point of the cases, not just the cases on point
  • Principle 5: "Cases of note" rather than "cases of not"

The Gold Code offers noteworthy comments about interesting cases, and a clearer indication of contentious issues and possible arguments that lawyers have come to expect from any other annotated Criminal Code. Each annual edition is updated and enhanced with a careful review of all "cases of note," keeping only cases that continue to be of note and adding insights on the latest noteworthy developments.

Exclusive E-Book Functionality
And now combining technology and Alan Gold's insights on criminal law and procedure, the Gold Code includes a complimentary E-Book version that exclusively offers hyperlinks to full text cases and so you can just read the rule, tap a case and obtain it without additional charge (provided you are online). Plus you can read, bookmark, copy and email text, do key word searches and make highlights and notes. Plus, LexisNexis E-Books are optimized for all mobile devices.

Highlights of the 2023 Edition

  • Discussion of key recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions, including:
    • R. v. Cowan, [2021] S.C.J. No. 45, 2021 SCC 45 (power to limit the scope of a new trial to a particular theory of liability)
    • R. v. G.F., [2021] S.C.J. No. 20, 2021 SCC 20 (consent)
    • R. v. Strathdee, [2021] S.C.J. No. 40, 2021 SCC 40 (joint liability)
    • R. v. Khill, [2021] S.C.J. No. 37, 2021 SCC 37 (self-defence)
    • R. v. Cowan, [2021] S.C.J. No. 45, 2021 SCC 45 (abetting and counselling offences)
    • R. v. Vallières, [2022] S.C.J. No. 10, 2022 SCC 10 (fines in lieu of forfeiture)
    • R. v. Samaniego, [2022] S.C.J. No. 9, 2022 SCC 9 (trial management power to limit cross-examination)
    • R. v. White, [2022] S.C.J. No.7, 2022 SCC 7 (incompetence of counsel by precluding accused’s right to elect mode of trial)
    • R. v. Stairs, [2022] S.C.J. No. 11, 2022 SCC 11 (search incident to arrest for officer safety within a residence)
    • R. v. Tim, [2022] S.C.J. No. 12, 2022 SCC 12 (arrest based upon a mistake of law is unlawful and contrary to s.9 of the Charter)
    • R. v. C.P., [2021] S.C.J. No. 19, 2021 SCC 19 (disadvantaged appeal right for young persons)
    • R. v. J.F., [2022] S.C.J. No. 17, 2022 SCC 17 (s.11(b) limit for retrials)
    • R. v. Brown, [2022] S.C.J. No. 18, 2022 SCC 18 (Section 33.1 of Criminal Code preventing accused from raising common law defence of self-induced intoxication akin to automatism violates principles of fundamental justice or presumption of innocence and infringement not justified.)
    • R. v. Bissonnette, [2022] S.C.J. No. 23, 2022 SCC 23 (S. 745.51 of Criminal Code authorizing imposition of consecutive 25-year parole ineligibility periods in cases involving multiple first degree murders infringes s. 12 of the Charter, which guarantees right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.)
  • Discussion of key recent Court of Appeal cases, including:
    • R v. Barreau, [2021] O.J. No. 7082, 2021 ONCA 918 (rape-shield and oral communications)
    • R. v. Martin, [2021] N.B.J. No. 300, 2021 NBCA 53 (running away not resisting arrest)
    • R. v. Tress, [2021] A.J. No. 668, 2021 ABCA 164 (breach of trust)
    • Tremblay v. R., [2019] Q.J. No. 264, 2019 QCCA 87 (necessity for weapon prohibition even where discharge)
    • R. v. Effert, [2021] A.J. No. 1578, 2021 ABCA 388 (self-defence)
    • R. v. Zakos, [2022] O.J. No. 681, 2022 ONCA 121 (entrapment in drug cases)
    • R. v. Faudar, [2021] O.J. No. 1904, 2021 ONCA 226 (innocent possession)
    • R. v. Choudhury, [2021] O.J. No. 4228, 2021 ONCA 560 (tenancy or occupancy of a place where an object is found does not create a presumption of possession)
    • R. v. Janeiro, [2022] O.J. No. 633, 2022 ONCA 118 (detailed consideration of significance of trace evidence (fingerprint))
    • R. v. M.G.T., [2017] O.J. No. 4902, 2017 ONCA 736 (right to full disclosure is just one component of the right to make full answer and defence)
    • Plus many more
  • Discussion of recent noteworthy legislative developments, including the introduction of a new offence with respect to “conversion therapy”, as well as changes to both the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act with respect to firearms

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Table of contents

Table of Cases
Glossary of Terms
Criminal Code Amendments
Criminal Code (Annotated)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Annotated)
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Annotated)
Cannabis Act
Youth Criminal Justice Act (Annotated)
Canada Evidence Act (Annotated)
DNA Identification Act
Firearms Act
Extradition Act
Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
Criminal Records Act
Interpretation Act