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Responsibility, Fraternity and Sustainability in Law – In Memory of the Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier / Responsabilité, Fraternité et Développement Durable en Droit – En mémoire de l'honorable Charles Doherty Gonthier

This exclusive collection of 42 written tributes celebrates the late Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier's life's work and values.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | 952 pages

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Published: June 01, 2012
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433468141

Product description

The late Supreme Court of Canada Justice Charles Doherty Gonthier was a respected jurist known for his compassion, integrity and wisdom - one who constantly sought novel solutions to legal problems, and devoted his life to furthering global justice and sustainable development of the law. His worldview was based on the principles of fraternity, responsibility and sustainability in law, and much of his work and legal writings continue to earn the respect and admiration among today's lawyers, legal academics and judges.

This exclusive collection of 42 written tributes from leading jurists, practitioners and legal academia (with contributions from former Supreme Court of Canada judges Frank Iacobucci and Claire L'Heureux-Dubé) celebrates the late Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier's life's work and values. Filled with illuminating and insightful tributes, this tribute volume honours the late judge's jurisprudence and legacy in ways that will continue to influence a new generation of law and legal minds.

Features and Benefits

  • Examine the legacy of Justice Gonthier, particularly in the areas of his writing, judgments and judicial ethics
  • Read about Justice Gonthier's views on constitutional, corporate, criminal, and international law, plus more
  • Study the assessments and views of different academia, jurists and practitioners about the methodology Justice Gonthier adopted with respect to the role of law and the courts
  • Learn about the way the principles of Fraternity and Sustainability can explain important shifts in the law and provide new solutions to pressing legal issues
  • Understand some recent legal developments regarding corporate or civic responsibility and human rights
  • By reading this book, lawyers will be reminded of their ethical responsibilities, as well as understand the direction in which the law is headed

What You'll Find in This Volume

  • In the first section, readers will learn about the life and contributions of Justice Gonthier as a humanist and a jurist, and in particular, his beliefs and principles
  • In the second section, historical and legal analysis is provided to highlight Justice Gonthier's legal writings and judgments, and how they have shaped the laws of Canada
  • In the final section, the volume examines the central themes of responsibility, fraternity and sustainability - principles that animated and inspired the life and work of Justice Gonthier

Who Should Read This Book

  • Legal academics – learn about the legal writings and philosophies about one of the Supreme Court of Canada's most memorable judges
  • Legal historians – anyone studying and researching the history and workings of the Supreme Court of Canada will wish to learn about one of its most influential judges
  • Law libraries – a valuable addition to any collection of work on the history and background of the Supreme Court of Canada

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Man, the Jurist: His Beliefs and Principles / Les convictions et les principes du juriste et de l'homme
  3. Responsibility in Canadian Law and Law-making / La responsabilité, le droit canadien et la production du droit
  4. Fraternity in Canadian Law and Law-making / La fraternité, le droit canadien et la production du droit
  5. Sustainability in Law / Le développement durable en droit
  6. A Legacy of Responsbility, Fraternity & Sustainability / La responsabilité, la fraternité et le développement durable en héritage
  7. Conclusions