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Law for Canadian Health Care Administrators, 3rd Edition

This edition offers practical solutions to routine legal issues and case examples from a wide range of health care settings. Coverage includes major legal issues confronting health care administrators today, plus references to key legislation for each province.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 498 pages

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Published: January 14, 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433504757

Product description

Manage Legal Risk, Avoid Costly Errors
Law for Canadian Health Care Administrators 3rd Edition offers practical solutions for Health Care Administrators to address their unique needs and decision-making responsibilities. This book presents solutions to routine legal issues and provides case examples from a wide range of health care settings. Discover possible pitfalls, background regarding how lawsuits arise, and direction as to when to seek expert legal advice. This book will also be helpful to lawyers who, regardless of area of practice, may be asked to give advice to and/or represent, a health facility. Also detailed within are major legal issues confronting health care administrators today, plus references to key legislation for each province.

Features of This Book
This book is go-to legal resource and includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of Health Care Facilities, Professions and Insurance, and related areas of the law, including inquests, employment and labour law and constitutional issues, as they relate to health law and health care administrators
  • Statutory references at the end of relevant chapters for further research and handy reference
  • National coverage, regardless of where the legal or health issue may occur in Canada

What’s New in This Edition

  • Detailed consideration of legislative changes addressing mental health law
  • Substantially revised chapters on consent to treatment and the Charter in light of significant legislative and case law updates, including the Supreme Court of Canada case Carter v. Canada (Attorney General)
  • Discussion of significant updates for administrators regarding the maintaining, retention and usage of electronic health records and personal health information
  • Discussion of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for health care administrators
  • Updated case law and legislative changes through all chapters, detailing salient legal developments on related legal areas which affect the health care sector such as:
    • Employment and Labour Law, including new case law concerning wrongful dismissal, workplace health-related policies and violence in the workplace
    • Inquests and Inquiries, including new case law and legislation related to recommendations provided at inquests and public fatalities inquiries
    • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including cases related to Freedom of Expression and the right to Life, Liberty and Security of the Person

Who Should Read This Book

  • Hospital administrators and executives seeking ready answers to straightforward questions, particularly on physician privileges, and assistance in identifying situations requiring legal counsel
  • Community health administrators and executives, including at long-term care facilities, home care associations, and Community Care Access Centres, wishing to learn about the law of consent, risks of medical malpractice, and privacy issues and protection of health information
  • Health lawyers who must know how legal issues affect health administrators to aid in assessing legal risk
  • Professors of health law and health care administration who need a teaching resource and reference work outlining legal issues for health care administrators

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Table of contents

Foreword by Catherine Gaulton, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada , HIROC – Chief Executive Officer


Chapter 1: Canadian Health Facilities

Chapter 2: Canadian Health Care Insurance

Chapter 3: Canadian Health Professions – Status and Discipline

Chapter 4: Health Records and Personal Health Information

Chapter 5: Mental Health Law

Chapter 6: Consent to Treatment

Chapter 7: Malpractice and Institutional Liability

Chapter 8: Inquests and Inquiries

Chapter 9: Employment Law and Labour Relations Law

Chapter 10: Hospital Privileges

Chapter 11: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms