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Introduction to Canadian Insurance Law, 4th Edition

This text provides a succinct overview of the important legal aspects of Canadian insurance law thereby providing a framework for approaching insurance law issues head on.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 192 pages

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Published: November 09, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433495505

Product description

A primer on insurance law
Now in its fourth edition, this textbook helps both lawyers and insurance executives learn the basic principles of insurance law. Rather than going into confusing detail on minute facets of insurance law, the authors provide a legal framework in which to approach and analyze insurance legal issues.

Co-authored by a university insurance law professor, whose work has been cited in Canadian appellate courts, this book helps readers grasp important insurance law concepts, enabling them to solve insurance legal problems that frequently arise in personal transactions, in the commercial world, and in the insurance sector. 

What's New In This Edition?

  • Updates to case law and statute since previous edition
  • Updates to checklist of the possible legal issues that might arise in insurance in the section on identifying potential legal issues
  • Updates to chapter on where to find insurance law, specifically on identifying the appropriate legislation
  • In the chapter on the form and content of insurance contracts, updates to exclusions
  • Updated chapter on settling claims and resolving disputes
  • Updated chapter on regulation of the insurance industry
  • Updated chapter on different classes of insurance, including new section explain fidelity bonds in property insurance


  • Explains the fundamental principles of insurance law in an understandable way – ideal for both lawyers and non-lawyers alike
  • Explores legal issues pertaining to insurance contracts, including:
    • Disclosure obligations
    • Roles of agents and other intermediaries
    • Form and content of insurance contracts
    • Claims settlement and dispute resolution
  • Examines the complex legal framework of statutes and regulations, and the case law that governs contracting for insurance
  • Discussion of the regulation of the industry, brokers and agents
  • Provides a checklist to help identify potential legal issues
  • Discussion of the structure of insurance policies, including:
    • Typical exclusions
    • Conditions and warranties
    • Disclosure rules governing various types of insurance contracts.

Who Should Read This Book?

  • Insurance executives, including claims officers, adjusters, actuaries, insurance agents and brokers – Helps those in the insurance industry build their knowledge of insurance law, especially in dealing with insurance legislation, regulations and adjudication
  • Lawyers– This book makes it easy to learn about insurance law, providing practitioners with the framework to analyze and solve common insurance law problems
  • In-house counsel of insurance companies or companies making insurance claims – Assists in understanding the basic principles of insurance law
  • Law students and academics – Useful as a companion textbook to introductory insurance law courses
  • Law libraries – A unique – yet valuable - addition to any collection of insurance law books

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Nature of Insurance Law
Chapter 2: How Legal Issues Arise in Insurance
Chapter 3: Where to Find Insurance Law
Chapter 4: Making and Ending an Insurance Contract
Chapter 5: Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation
Chapter 6: The Need to Have an Interest in the Subject Matter
Chapter 7: The Role of Agents and Other Intermediaries
Chapter 8: The Form and Content of Insurance Contracts
Chapter 9: Interpreting Insurance Policies
Chapter 10: Making Claims
Chapter 11: Excusing Defects in Claims and Other Defaults
Chapter 12: Settling Claims and Resolving Disputes
Chapter 13: Insurers' Rights on Paying Claims
Chapter 14: Claims Against More Than One Insurer
Chapter 15: Rights of People not Party to the Insurance Contract
Chapter 16: Regulation of the Insurance Industry
Chapter 17: Different Classes of Insurance