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Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Workplace Health and Safety (2019 Reissue) / Youth Justice (2019 Reissue)

The Halsbury's Workplace Health and Safety title examines the wide range of employment and labour law-based rules and regulations aimed at protecting workers, while the Youth Justice title thoroughly examines all aspects of crimes by children and against children.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 960 pages

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Published: June 26, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433500995

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Norman A. Keith, B.A., J.D., LL.B., CRSP

In 2016, over 240,000 workplace accidents in Canada resulted in workers receiving compensation for their injuries, and over a thousand workplace fatalities occurred that year, according to statistics compiled by the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada. The health and safety of workers are protected by legislation at either the federal or provincial/territorial level, depending on the sector in which they work. This title examines the wide range of employment and labour law-based rules and regulations aimed at protecting workers, from handling hazardous substances to preventing harassment in the workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • Duties of workplace stakeholders
  • Internal responsibility system
  • Hazardous substances legislation
  • Joint health and safety committees
  • Right to refuse unsafe work
  • Administration and enforcement
  • Offences and penalties

Jeffery Wilson, B.A., LL.B. & Emma Rhodes, B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.

In the criminal justice system, offences committed by children are generally prosecuted under a separate regime, governed by the Youth Criminal Justice Act. There are significant differences regarding the maximum penalties available in youth court, and the identity of an alleged offender is generally subject to a publication ban. There are also special legal considerations when children are the victims of crime, including with respect to evidence given by child witnesses, and compensation for criminal injuries. This title thoroughly examines all aspects of crimes by children and against children.

Topics covered include:

  • Crimes by children
    • Right to counsel
    • Admissibility of statements
    • Sentencing
    • Privacy rights
  • Crimes against children
    • Offences
    • Accommodation and privacy of child witnesses
    • Compensation for child victims

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Table of contents


I. Legislative Scheme

1. Jurisdiction
2. Statutory and Regulatory Framework
3. Application

II. General Requirements
1. Internal Responsibility System
2. Duties of Workplace Stakeholders

III. Specific Requirements
1. Hazardous Substances
2. Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews
3. Machine Guarding
4. Materials Handling and Ergonomics
5. Lockout and Tagout
6. Fall Protection
7. Personal Protective Equipment
8. Confined Spaces
9. Hygiene
10. Fire Protection
11. Maintenance and Repairs
12. Emergency Response
13. Workplace Violence and Harassment

IV. Health and Safety Committees and Representatives
1. Joint Health and Safety Committees
2. Other Committees
3. Health and Safety Representatives

V. Work Refusals
1. Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
2. Investigation
3. Legislated Work Stoppage in Ontario
4. No Reprisals by Employer

VI. Administration and Enforcement
1. Inspectors and Officers
2. Inspections and Investigations
3. Orders/Directions
4. Incident Reporting Requirements
5. Scene of Incident

VII. Offences and Penalties
1. Nature of Regulatory Offences
2. Proof of Offence
3. Limitation Periods
4. Defences
5. Penalties

VIII. Criminal Law
1. General Criminal Negligence
2. OHS Criminal Negligence
3. Penalties
4. Sentencing


I. Crimes by Children

1. Governing Statute
2. Extrajudicial Measures
3. Legal Counsel
4. Admissibility of Statements
5. Parental Right to Notice
6. Detention and Release Pending Hearing
7. Pre-Sentence and Assessment Reports
8. Not Criminally Responsible and Unfit to Stand Trial
9. Guilty Plea
10. Trial by Judge and Jury
11. Sentencing
12. Appeals
13. Privacy Rights of Alleged Offenders
14. Contempt of Court
15. Provincial Legislation

II. Crimes Against Children
1. Offences
2. Accommodation of Child Witnesses: Criminal Proceedings
3. Privacy Rights of Child Witnesses
4. Compensation for Child Victims of Crime