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Financial Crimes in Canada: An Overview of Money Laundering and Fraud

This book is the definitive Canadian resource on fraud and money laundering, providing a look at the applicable legislation, analysis of the relevant case law, and insightful, meaningful discussions about the current state of financial crimes in Canada.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | 196 pages

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Published: March 07, 2023
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433521990

Product description

More than 50,000. That’s how many Canadians were reported victims of fraud in 2021. Given the prevalence of financial crimes in Canada, the time is right for a book focusing on this complex and evolving area of the law. Financial Crimes in Canada: An Overview of Money Laundering and Fraud fills that need.

Expert Content
Written by a team of experienced authors with different but complementary academic backgrounds – a lawyer, an accountant and a business valuation expert – this new publication offers a comprehensive look at fraud and money laundering in Canada.

The content of Financial Crimes in Canada: An Overview of Money Laundering and Fraud covers a broad range of topics – from occupational fraud and social assistance fraud, to fraud in the context of family law disputes. The volume also includes a chapter on the challenges inherent in the civil and criminal litigation of fraud, with commentary from counsel who practise in these areas. In addition, the authors examine money laundering, including the history of the relevant sections of the Criminal Code as well as reporting entities and their obligations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. Throughout, the authors provide valuable insight into these important subjects and offer practical recommendations.

An Indispensable Reference
Financial Crimes in Canada: An Overview of Money Laundering and Fraud is a timely, informative publication that will be a useful resource for legal practitioners and law students alike, as it explains the specifics of fraud and money laundering, as well as the civil and criminal repercussions of engaging in such criminal activity. The commentary provided by industry leaders offers particularly helpful guidance.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Legal Frameworks Governing Fraud

Chapter 3: Financial Statement Fraud

Chapter 4: Occupational Fraud: Asset Misappropriation

Chapter 5: Occupational Fraud: Corruption

Chapter 6: Occupational Fraud and Related Forms of Liability

Chapter 7: Occupational Fraud—Understanding and Combatting It

Chapter 8: Social Assistance Fraud

Chapter 9: Fraud in Family Law Matters

Chapter 10: Litigating Fraud

Chapter 11: The Criminal Code and Money Laundering: An Examination of Section 462.31

Chapter 12: Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act

Chapter 13: Fighting Money Laundering—Policies

Chapter 14: Conclusion

Table of Cases