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Canadian Legal Practice - A Guide for the 21st Century

Canadian Legal Practice - A Guide for the 21st Century fully updates the popular reference Barristers & Solicitors in Practice. This publication is a leading authority in its field and continues to be cited in court decisions.
Publication Language: English

1 Volume Looseleaf | Approx. 1,500 pages | Updates Billed as Issued

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Published: May 31, 2009
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433462385

Product description

"A veritable treasure trove of legal gems for every practising lawyer - pragmatic, strategic, and tactical advice."

-Eugene Meehan, K.C.

Former CBA President

"In my practice, I need a comprehensive deskbook on the law relating to lawyers. Barristers&; Solicitors in Practice was, and Canadian Legal Practice is and will be, that resource. It is certainly not a store of knowledge you can afford not to have at hand, especially if you only shop infrequently."

-Gordon Turriff, K.C.

Life bencher and former president of the Law Society of British Columbia and author of the Annotated British Columbia Legal Profession Act.

Keep Pace with Change

Canadian Legal Practice - A Guide for the 21st Century fully updates the popular reference Barristers & Solicitors in Practice. This publication is a leading authority in its field and continues to be cited in court decisions.

With seven brand new chapters, Canadian Legal Practice helps you manage both day-to-day matters and situations outside your core practice area. Why consult multiple resources when you can find the answers in a single convenient volume?

Features and Benefits

  • Information consolidated from a range of sources to reduce your research time
  • Highly regarded contributors from every Canadian jurisdiction to provide a truly national perspective
  • Discussion of all actors in the justice system to help you conduct cases proficiently
  • Primer on financial regulations to simplify trust accounting
  • Quarterly updates to keep you on top of your busy practice

Analysis of Challenges and Dangers

Unrepresented Litigants

  • How can I balance my responsibility to my client and to an unrepresented litigant?
  • What can I do to manage time and costs in a case with an unrepresented litigant?
  • How far can a judge assist an unrepresented litigant?

Professional Responsibilities and Obligations

  • What regulatory consequences follow a breach of professional conduct?
  • What risks do I face by entering into a joint venture or other business arrangement with a client?
  • What insurance do I need to practise law?

Other Critical Issues

  • An injunction has been ordered against my client - now what?
  • How do I transfer my practice to another province or territory?
  • What information must a trust report contain?

Time-Saving Forms, Tables, and More

  • Table of key regulatory requirements in all 13 Canadian jurisdictions
  • National mobility agreement
  • Territorial mobility agreement
  • Sample application for B.C. Law Society admission
  • Sample trust account reconciliation
  • Table of limitation of trust protection coverage

A Must-Have Reference For

  • Lawyers in private practice and in-house in companies, organizations and government who need up-to-date legislation, case law, and commentary on the numerous issues facing practitioners today
  • Managing partners and law firm administrators who must ensure regulatory compliance by law firms and lawyers
  • Judges looking for guidance on interacting with lawyers, paralegals, and unrepresented litigants in the courtroom
  • Paralegals seeking answers on the types of cases and proceedings they can undertake and those dealing with new responsibilities under the law society in Ontario
  • Law libraries offering the latest resources on law practice and professional conduct

Billing Method: Updates Billed As Issued

Featured Authors

Table of contents

Foreword by The Honourable Frank Iacobucci, C.C., K.C., LL.D. 
Chapter 1: Regulatory Framework - Maurice Laprairie, K.C.
Chapter 2: Training and Qualifications - Alan Treleaven
Chapter 3: Professional Conduct - Brent Olthuis
Chapter 4: Conflicts of Interest - Simon Chester
Chapter 5: Advertising, Competition and Restraint of Trade - Kim Alexander-Cook
Chapter 6: Financial Regulation - Jeffrey Hoskins, K.C.
Chapter 7: Practice Structures - Bradley E. Berg
Chapter 8: Accepting Instructions - Dalton McGrath
Chapter 9: Carrying Out Instructions - Brian Gover and Luisa Ritacca
Chapter 10: Remuneration - Greg Palm
Chapter 11: Professional Liability - Raj Anand, LSM and Steve Doak
Chapter 12: Professional Indemnity - Christine Fotopoulos and Robin Squires
Chapter 13: The Authorized Provision of Legal Services by Non-Lawyers: Paralegals and Others - Julia Bass and Paul Saguil
Chapter 14: The Unauthorized Provision of Legal Services - Helen Daley, Simon Bieber, and Erin Pleet
Chapter 15: Self-Represented Litigants - Ranjan Agarwal
Chapter 16: Judges - Lorne Sossin and Phillip Bryden
Chapter 17: Injunctions and Special Applications - Dalton McGrath
Chapter 18: The Lawyer and Mediation - Steven C. Gaon
Chapter 19: Legal Aid - Janet Leiper, Sam Rickett and Pauline Irvine
Chapter 20: Pro Bono - Lynn Burns and Yonit Fuhrmann
Chapter 21: The Lawyer in Corporate Settings - Anna K. Fung, K.C. and Anne E. Giardini
Chapter 22: Barriers to Access to Justice - Nitya Iyer and Ryan Gauthier
Chapter 23: Practice Before Administrative Tribunals - David A. Wright and Margaret Leighton