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Canadian Forms & Precedents – Commercial Transactions, 2nd Edition

Offering state-of-the-art precedents drafted by Canada's leading practitioners, this multi-volume set provides the highest standard of legal forms and precedents in Canada, and is the most comprehensive and authoritative library of drafting documents and business contracts.
Publication Language: English

7 Volumes Looseleaf + CD-ROM | Updates Billed as Issued

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Published: August 31, 2007
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433457237

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LexisNexis Canadian Forms & Precedents

Offering state-of-the-art precedents drafted by Canada's leading practitioners, Canadian Forms & Precedents is a comprehensive multi-volume set that provides the highest standard of legal forms and precedents in Canada. Covering all major subject areas, Canadian Forms & Precedents saves time and costs, and is the most comprehensive and authoritative library of drafting documents.

The Fundamentals of Legal Drafting Available at Your Fingertips
A key to the success of any law practice is having a wealth of sample forms and precedents to refer to quickly for any case which may arise. Canadian Forms & Precedents is designed to meet the demands of busy practitioners by providing expertly crafted precedents that can be relied upon with confidence.

Whether it concerns the sale of a business, intellectual property or information technology transactions, or the distribution, sale, manufacture and storage of goods, if you have a need to draft a commercial document, this publication is your prime source.

Canadian Forms & Precedents - Commercial Transactions offers invaluable commentary, useful checklists and well over 1,000 forms and precedents to help prepare documents dealing with all types of commercial transactions, to help structure them properly from beginning to end.

The new edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded to include greater content on Intellectual Property, Corporations and Employment. Now containing modules on 15 different prime areas of commercial transactions, this comprehensive collection of forms and precedents has amassed by expert practitioners and is un-paralleled as a one-stop shopping drafting resource for commercial documents.

The new and improved edition includes expanded and updated content on a multitude of commercial-related subjects, grouped under the following modules: Each module is also available separately.

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Table of contents

Commercial Tenancies 
Offers to Lease and Letters of Intent
Key Clauses
Lease Types
Sublease and Assignment of Lease
Surrender of Lease
Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements
Estoppel Certificates
Notice of Default
Notice of Termination
Notice of Distress
Rules and Regulations
Percentage Rent
Notice of Lease
Ancillary Agreements

Introduction to Corporate Laws and Procedures
Shareholder Agreements
Directors' Resolutions
Shareholders' Resolutions
Certificates, Notices, Confirmations, and Other Documents
Fundamental Changes
Extra-Provincial Registration

Office Procedures
Written Employment Agreements
Employment Litigation
Federal Employees
Workers' Compensation
Ontario Human Rights Code
Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000
Health and Safety

Information Technology & Entertainment
Entertainment Agreements
Computer Contracts
Social Media and Internet Law
Music Agreements

Intellectual Property
Trade marks
Industrial Design

Sale and Operation of a Business
Equipment Finance
Sale of a Business

Sale, Distribution & Transport of Goods
Distribution of Goods and Services
Manufacture and Sale of Goods
Transport and Storage of Goods