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Bennett on Bankruptcy, 22nd Edition, 2020 + Companion Volume + E-Book PDF

The new edition continues to be a reliable and practical guide, and serves as your quickest reference to the substantive law in this area.
Publication Language: English

Softcover + Companion Volume + PDF | 2,070 pages (Main Volume) + 232 pages (Companion Volume) | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433503569

Product description

Gain critical insights on the current status of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act from legal expert, Frank Bennett.
For more than 20 years, Bennett on Bankruptcy has been a reliable and practical guide, and serves as your quickest reference to the substantive law in this area.

To better suit the research needs of bankruptcy and insolvency practitioners and professionals, this 22nd (2020) Edition now brings to you a Companion Volume which contains OSB Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act forms for persons to which the 2009 amendments apply and historical OSB Policies and Circulars that may still be relevant to bankruptcy administration.

Frank Bennett provides you with explanatory notes to point out many of the leading cases on a particular section or rule. The case references are helpful as they give you background in the particular area and the legal principles involved.

New in This Edition

  • Discussion of over 120 new reported cases under the BIA and CCAA
  • Recent amendments from Bill C-86 and Bill C-97 to the BIA and the CCAA
  • Updated commentary and discussion of issues of recent concern such as:
    • “Related parties” within the meaning of s. 4 of the BIA
    • Stay of proceedings in a consumer proposal
    • Terminating or amending a contract with a bankrupt if the contract is in good standing
    • Debtor-third party transfers at arm’s length and non-arm’s length
    • Appointments under ss. 184 and 185 of the BIA
    • Costs against superintendents
  • Recently issued Notices to Trustees on Climate Action Incentive Payments, GST and HST credit payments in bankruptcy, Revised Request for Standing Offer and Insolvency Counselling Curriculum
  • New or revised Directives, including:
    • Directive No. 1R5 Counselling in Insolvency Matters (October 28, 2019)

Who should buy this book
The book explains leading cases from a practitioner's point of view and is perfect for:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyers
  • Trustees, Accountants, Debtors, Lenders and Directors
  • Corporate Secretaries, or In-House Corporate Counsel

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Table of contents

Table of Cases
Bankruptcy Reform
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Rules

Template Receivership Orders (Ontario)
Administrative Forms
Information Statements
Policy Statements
Notices to Trustees

Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act
Template CCAA Orders – Ontario
Appendix – Corporate Restructuring: Choice of Remedy
Wage Earner Protection Program Act

Companion Volume
Insolvency Circulars
BIA Forms