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Asset Based Lending in Canada – Canadian Primer on Asset Based Financing, 2nd Edition

This book adapts Howard Ruda's Asset Based Financing – A Transactional Guide to Canadian law and practice, explains how to manage each stage of a transaction, and simplifies the original text to focus on critical information for Canadian users.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 640 pages

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Published: May 07, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433475996

Product description

Asset based financing requires different structuring and control than traditional bank lending. The asset based financing industry is relatively new to Canada – but has quickly become a large provider of debt financing.

Asset Based Lending in Canada adapts Howard Ruda's definitive Asset Based Financing – A Transactional Guide to Canadian law and practice and explains how to manage each stage of a transaction. Alison R. Manzer's analysis simplifies the original text to focus on the most critical information for Canadian users, while adding the applicable Canadian law.

Discover how Canadian laws and practice uniquely apply to the asset based loan as to:

  • The grants of credit
  • Personal property security
  • Real estate
  • Claims by and against the federal government
  • Letters of credit
  • Debt subordination
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
Learn how to:
  • Avoid legal pitfalls related to asset based financing
  • Perfect and monitor the security held for the loan
  • Proceed in the event of default
  • Reconcile the conflicting interests of third parties, including statutory lienors, unsecured creditors, taxing authorities and others

Draft with Confidence
Asset Based Lending in Canada contains a set of precedents to help you create effective financing contracts. Each precedent contains detailed notes explaining clauses and alerting you to drafting risks.

  • Loan agreement
  • Security agreement
  • Guarantee
  • Subordination and standstill agreement
  • Secured creditor acknowledgement
  • Hypothec for Quebec
  • Closing checklist and more
A One-Stop Resource For:
  • Canadian corporate/commercial lawyers who need a reference on the Canadian laws governing asset based finance
  • General Counsel acting for borrowers who need to make informed decisions about seeking and structuring asset based loans
  • Accounting firms whose clients make use of asset based financing
  • Banks/finance companies who wish to offer asset based loans to Canadian companies

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Grant of Credit
Chapter 3: Personal Property Security
Chapter 4: Personal Property Searches and Filing
Chapter 5: Security Involving Real Estate Interests
Chapter 6: Real Estate Aspects of Asset-Based Financing
Chapter 7: Claims By and Against the Federal Government
Chapter 8: Intellectual Property Financing and Issues
Chapter 9: Guarantees
Chapter 10: Letters of Credit
Chapter 11: Joint Loans, Syndications & Participations
Chapter 12: Intercreditor Agreements
Chapter 13: Debt Subordination
Chapter 14: Bankruptcy Reorganization
Precedent Materials