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A Practical Guide to Distribution Agreements

A detailed primer outlining the legal, technical and business principles that are traditionally addressed in distribution agreements, together with a discussion of the most critical provisions.
Publication Language: English

Hardcover | 360 pages

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Published: May 20, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433504801

Product description

According to expert practitioner Adam Vereshack, because of their complex and ongoing nature, “the legal backbone of every [distribution] arrangement should (must) be a written agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of the supplier and the distributor.”

His new volume, A Practical Guide to Distribution Agreements, offers a detailed analysis of that “legal backbone,” with valuable insight informed by many years of experience.

A Go-To Resource
Because distribution agreements cover a diverse range of products and are applicable across the commercial sector, A Practical Guide to Distribution Agreements is essential reading for anyone providing or purchasing goods for distribution. It not only includes an in-depth discussion of the numerous complex issues that can arise in distribution agreements, but also provides step-by-step guidance through the elements of a proper distribution contract – from the parties and the structure, to the scope of the agreement.

Written and organized in a practical way so readers can easily access the key provisions or points they are looking for, this go-to resource for drafting and understanding distribution agreements also features:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Readers will find all the important elements and considerations required for an effective distribution agreement
  • International application: Not restricted to domestic laws, the content of this volume is both useful and applicable to readers around the world. It also refers to territorial considerations such as territorial restrictions and exclusive territory restrictions
  • Key points: Critical takeaways are summarized at the end of each chapter to facilitate learning and emphasize important concepts
  • Sample provisions: Included precedents provide practical guidance for lawyers drafting or reviewing distribution agreements
  • Helpful appendices: Readers can access useful templates and reference works to assist with drafting their own documents

A Useful Addition
The first book of its kind in Canada that lawyers can refer to when drafting important and commonly used distribution contracts, A Practical Guide to Distribution Agreements is an excellent acquisition for:

  • Commercial and/or intellectual property lawyers who need a reliable reference volume when advising suppliers and distributors
  • In-house counsel at companies that contract with distributors to distribute their product
  • Non-legal professionals, such as procurement managers, who are working with or are considering entering into a contract with a distributor, and are seeking to better understand the nature of the agreement and flag key terms and concepts

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2 : Identification of Parties and Recitals
Chapter 3 : Appointment and Some Other Initial Matters
Chapter 4 : Supplier Obligations
Chapter 5 : Distributor Obligations
Chapter 6 : Prices and Payment
Chapter 7 : Shipping and Delivery
Chapter 8 : Product Warranties and Remedies
Chapter 9 : Installation and Maintenance Services
Chapter 10: Rights in Intellectual Property
Chapter 11: Confidential Information
Chapter 12: Enforcement of Payment
Chapter 13: Representations, Warranties and Covenants
Chapter 14: Product Liability, Insurance and Recalls
Chapter 15: Indemnities
Chapter 16: Force Majeure
Chapter 17: Limitation of Liability
Chapter 18: Termination
Chapter 19: Dispute Resolution
Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 21: Special Provisions for Software Distribution