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The Conduct of Civil Litigation in British Columbia, 2nd Edition – Student Edition

A unique Canadian textbook on civil procedure, it focuses on a narrative text, with each chapter devoted to a discrete topic of British Columbia civil practice and procedure. This is a student edition.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 864 pages

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Published: September 10, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433506003

Product description

Adapted From the Popular Loose-Leaf Title
For over a quarter century, The Conduct of Civil Litigation in British Columbia loose-leaf by Fraser, Horn, and Griffin, has been a cornerstone resource for the litigation bar in British Columbia. With the feedback of law professors in B.C., LexisNexis Canada has created a second edition of this textbook for B.C. law students in civil procedure.

The Conduct of Civil Litigation in British Columbia, 2nd Edition – Student Edition is a comprehensive text on civil procedure with each chapter devoted to a particular topic of civil practice and procedure such as limitations, choice of procedure, deciding parties, service, motions, appeals, and much more.

The authors have been considerably assisted in their work by Jacqueline Hughes and Scarlett Smith, both practicing members of the British Columbia bar.

Features and Benefits

  • Authors are leading authorities in B.C. civil procedure – Professors and law students can trust they are acquiring insight from well recognized names in the legal community
  • Chronological order of the civil litigation process – Guides readers through the steps of civil litigation and helps them to understand the timeline of the processes
  • Re-organization of existing content – Provides readers with the essential information for issues commonly faced by new lawyers
What's New in this Edition

  • Updated commentary:
    • The analysis of the amendments to the Class Proceedings Act relating to multi-jurisdiction class actions
    • The court’s jurisdiction to declare a mistrial
  • New and updated content:
    • The chapter on injunctions including a new section on pre-trial and interim injunctions and the three-part test for granting an interlocutory injunction
    • The section on payment of court fees
    • The appendix on containing a non-exhaustive list of special statutory provisions relating to service
  • Recent amendments and new case law:
    • Grounds for refusing consolidation of class action proceedings
    • Rule 11-8 limiting the number of expert opinions in a fast track action
    • Test and information for converting a petition or application to an action
    • The threshold for adding a party to an action after litigation has commenced
    • Converting proceedings that are commenced by petition to an action

A Must Have Resource

  • Law Students – To learn the essentials of the rules and process of the civil litigation
  • Paralegals – To learn the essentials of the rules and process of the civil litigation
  • Articling Students – To supplement their bar studies to better understand the civil litigation process
  • Young Lawyers – To assist in their burgeoning legal practice and as a quick reference for litigation
  • Law Schools & Libraries – As a valuable resource for its patrons seeking assistance in basic civil litigation concepts and processes

Featured Authors

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Guide to the Use of this Text

Chapter 3 – General Principles
Chapter 5 – Jurisdiction
Chapter 6 – Territorial Competence of the Supreme Court
Chapter 7 – Choice of Parties
Chapter 8 – Choice of Procedure

Chapter 9 – Commencement of Action
Chapter 10 – Service
Chapter 11 – Pleadings
Chapter 12 – Third Party Procedure
Chapter 13 – Amendment of Pleadings and Process
Chapter 14 – Renewal of Process
Chapter 15 – Consolidation and Severance
Chapter 16 – Discontinuance and Withdrawal
Chapter 17 – Discovery of Documents
Chapter 18 – Examination for Discovery
Chapter 19 – Interrogatories
Chapter 20 – Physical Examination and Inspection
Chapter 21– Pre-Trial Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 22 – Depositions
Chapter 23 – Experts
Chapter 24 – Case Planning, Trial Management and Other Trial Preparation
Chapter 25 – Trial
Chapter 26 – Fast Track Litigation Proceedings

Chapter 27 – Default Judgment
Chapter 28 – Summary Judgment
Chapter 29 – Summary Trial
Chapter 30 – Summary Disposition of Proceedings
Chapter 31 – Petition Proceedings

Chapter 32 – Applications
Chapter 33 – Affidavits
Chapter 34 – Setting Petitions and Applications for Hearing
Chapter 35 – Proceedings in Chambers

Chapter 36 – Judgments and Orders
Chapter 37 – Setting Aside and Varying Judgments and Orders
Chapter 38 – Costs
Chapter 39 – Offers to Settle

Chapter 43 – Minors
Chapter 44 – Special Parties
Chapter 47 – Mediation and Settlement
Chapter 49 – Injunctions
Chapter 53 – Jury Trials
Chapter 56 – Appeals to Supreme Court