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British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 3rd Edition

This new edition has been extensively updated to reflect recent changes to British Columbia’s employment, labour and occupational health and safety legislation.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | Approx. 200 pages

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433504740

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Employment law provides a wide range of rules that “influence, control or direct” the employment relationship – from hiring, conditions of work and severance, to the formation of unions and collective bargaining rights. Through this long-awaited third edition of British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 3rd Edition readers will gain a foundational understanding of the various aspects of the province’s employment law regime.

A Handy Companion
Written in accessible and straightforward language, British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 3rd Edition is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the rights and obligations of employers and employees in both unionized and non-unionized environments. Authored by a prominent B.C. law firm, this volume provides the substantive information required to address the employment law questions that lawyers and human resources professionals may face.

In this completely rewritten edition, readers of this useful reference guide will find:

  • The most up-to-date resource for understanding the current state of the law
  • Updates that reflect recent changes to employment and labour legislation in British Columbia
  • Easy-to-access information about employment-related rights and obligations
  • An examination of future trends, including a brief discussion of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Practical Reference Manual
British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 3rd Edition would be a particularly useful resource for:

  • Human resources professionals seeking an overview of areas of employment law where they must make decisions to minimize liability
  • Employment lawyers and in-house counsel who need a quick review of employment law issues to avoid claims
  • Students interested in learning the essentials of employment law in B.C.
  • Owners and managers of workplaces that do not have a human resources specialist
  • Union business managers for use in collective agreement negotiations and when grievances arise

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Employment contracts
A. The contract of employment
B. Ending the contract of employment
C. Remedies for wrongful dismissal

Chapter 2: Minimum terms of employment – The Employment Standards Act
A. Who does the ESA apply to?
B. What topics does the ESA cover?

Chapter 3: Other restrictions on terms of employment
A. Human rights and prohibited discrimination
B. Privacy laws
C. Election acts

Chapter 4: The workers’ compensation scheme and workplace health and safety
A. Workers’ compensation
B. Workplace health and safety requirements
C. Workplace hazardous materials system

Chapter 5: The arrival of a trade union
A. The Labour Relations Code
B. Responding to an application for certification
C. Freeze on working conditions and prohibition on strikes or lockouts while application for certification pending
D. The Labour Board hearing
E. Conduct of a representation vote
F. Unfair labour practices

Chapter 6: The relationship with a union
A. Effect of certification
B. Post-certification events
C. First contract arbitration
D. Negotiations
E. Mediation and fact-finding
F. Strikes and lockouts
G. Last offer votes
H. Picketing
I. Ban on replacement workers
J. Termination of bargaining rights
K. Sale of a business: Successorship rights and obligations

Chapter 7: The collective agreement
A. The basic provisions of an agreement
B. Discharge and discipline of unionized employees

Chapter 8: Looking ahead
B. The gig economy
C. Expanded protections?