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Legal Information Specialists: A Guide to Launching and Building Your Career

Options for legal information specailists are many and diverse. This book explains how to enter this engaging field, the types of opportunities available, and how to make career advancements.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | 242 pages

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433468875

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Options for legal information specialists are many and diverse. This book explains how to enter this engaging field, the types of opportunities available, and how to make career advancements. Written and compiled by an experienced law librarian, with chapters contributed by other seasoned legal information professionals, this book tells you what it's like to work in a particular work environment - ranging from the court house library to a law firm library, the law society to a legislative library. This insightful book also tells you how to find a job in that environment, what to expect in that sector, and the rewards and challenges that you'll encounter.

Why Should Readers Buy This Book?

  • For the novice reader, there is no other book available in Canada that delves into the legal information profession in such detail, and from such a realistic, experienced, and frank point of view
  • For experienced legal information professionals, this book explores opportunities in other legal information sectors, salary expectations, individual challenges one can expect, and career advancement potential
  • The book is written by industry experts, with first-hand analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each industry sector

Useful Book Features

  • Informs the reader about the credentials required to enter a specific industry sector
  • A description of the opportunities that are available including working in: Legal Research and Writing Instruction; Knowledge Management; Public Legal Education; Legal Publishing; and a role as a Consultant
  • Useful appendix containing resources that one will need upon entering the profession, such as information on job boards, national and international associations, conferences, and career information tools
  • For French speakers: a unique chapter entitled "The French Connection", which deals with the challenges of operating in a bijural and bilingual system, the opportunities presented, and expectations arising for some candidates

Who Should Read This Book

  • Readers contemplating a career as a legal information specialist will find all the information theyll need to enter the field, navigate career challenges, and identify and seize career advancement opportunities
  • Experienced legal information professionals will find the perspectives offered by other legal information specialists in different sectors to be enlightening and informative
  • Law career development offices will find this book to be a useful resource to law students interested in pursuing careers outside of the traditional practice of law
  • Library and information studies programs may use this book as part of a course curriculum thats focused on information and research in the legal field

Featured authors

Table of contents

Meet Our Contributors

The Legal Information Profession: An Exciting Career Path - Annette Demers, Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Part One: Perspectives On The Legal Information Profession

The Visible Invisible Researcher - Mark Asberg, Canada Revenue Agency

The Role of the Legal Information Professional in Democracy - Annette Demers, Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Part Two: A Variety Of Career Options To Choose From!

Working In A Legislative Library - Caroline Hyslop and Kate Sinnott, Library of Parliament

Working In Law Society or Courthouse Libraries - Michel-Adrien Sheppard, Supreme Court of Canada and Jennifer Walker, County of Carleton Law Association

Working In A University Law Library - Annette Demers, Paul Martin Law Library, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Working In A Firm Library - Agathe Bujold, Phyllis Thornton, Joanne Lecky and Lenie Ott, McCarthy Tétrault

Teaching at a Law School: Building Foundational Skills for the Next Generation of Lawyers - Moira McCarney, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Working In Knowledge Management - Shaunna Mireau, Field Law

Working in a Bilingual and Bijural Environment - Nathalie Leonard, University of Ottawa and Sonia Poulin, Alberta Law Libraries

Public Legal Education Librarianship: A Non-Traditional Career Choice - Kirsten Wurmann, Legal Resource Centre, Edmonton

Working for Legal Publishing Companies - Danann Hawes, LexisNexis Canada

Working as A Consultant - Connie Crosby, Crosby Group Consulting

Part Three: Career Development Tips For Legal Information Professionals - Sonia Poulin, Alberta Law Libraries, Wendy Reynolds, Ontario Legislative Library and Annette Demers, Paul Martin Library, University of Windsor

Part Four: Helpful Resources

National and International Professional Associations


Jobs Boards And Career Information Tools