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Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Environment (2013 Reissue)

Halsbury's Environment volume provides a clear and straightforward understanding of the maze of laws, regulations and legal issues that frame the subject area of environmental law.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433474128

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Climate change. Environmental toxins. Ozone depletion. Mass extinctions and species at risk. The growing recognition of the fragility of the world's ecosystems, and the growing emphasis placed on sustainable development and responsible resource management has placed the environment at the forefront of Canada's social, political and, inevitably, legal agenda. The reach of environmental laws can now extend into everyday commercial transactions, corporate takeovers, real estate development, and criminal prosecution – virtually every area of legal practice.

Newly revised and thoroughly updated, the Halsbury's Environment (2013 Reissue) title provides a clear and straightforward understanding of the maze of laws, regulations and legal issues that frame the subject area of environmental law.

Topics covered include:

  • The Constitutional Framework
    • Nature of powers in specific areas
    • Legislative and proprietary jurisdiction
    • Co-operative federalism
    • Prerogative powers
    • Charter issues
    • Municipal powers for environmental regulation
  • Environmental Protection and Regulation
    • Federal and provincial regulatory schemes
    • Regulation of water and air
    • Ozone depletion, acid rain, urban smog and climate change
    • Waste management and minimization
    • Pesticides, toxic and hazardous substances
    • Wildlife and resource conservation
    • Enforcement of environmental laws
  • Environmental Assessments
    • General regulatory schemes
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Procedures and approvals
    • Reviews of environmental assessment
  • International Environmental Issues
    • Interaction between international and domestic law
    • Treaty obligations
    • Multilateral and regional treaties
    • Canada-U.S. treaties
  • Civil Liability Issues
    • Public and private nuisance claims
    • Onus of proof and standards of liability
    • Negligence, trespass and public trust
    • Remedies and defences
Special Features
  • Enhanced contents
    • General table of contents to the level of Chapter headings
    • Detailed table of contents to the level of clause headings
    • Detailed sectional contents set out within the commentary for each chapter and section
  • References and abbreviations - An alphabetical listing of special references and abbreviations used in the volume, with an explanation of their meaning
  • Selected secondary sources - Setting out selected texts, articles, and other secondary sources pertaining to the subject that the reader may find to be relevant and helpful
  • Glossary of definitions - Identifying words and phrases defined in legislation governing testate and intestate succession, and providing the text of the definition in each jurisdiction for easy reference. A valuable "quick reference" in a field marked by a wide variety of statutes promulgated across many jurisdictions
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes and Statutory Instruments
  • List of Related Titles
  • Index

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