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Written Advocacy, 2nd Edition

Now in its second edition, this helpful administrative law guide offers useful tips and advice for drafting effective letters, pleadings, memoranda, and other litigation-related documents.

Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 120 pages

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Publié: 31 mai 2013
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433472377

Détails des produits

Mastering the art of writing effectively and persuasively is critical to the success of civil litigators. The outcome of many legal proceedings - whether at court, an administrative tribunal, arbitration or mediation - often depends on the written advocacy skills of the lawyers involved. Authored by a recognized expert in civil litigation, Written Advocacy can help both new and experienced lawyers hone their writing abilities so they can provide the best possible representation for their clients. Now in its second edition, this helpful guide offers useful tips and advice for drafting effective letters, pleadings, memoranda, and other litigation-related documents.

Features and Benefits
  • A survey of the content required in many documents that need to be drafted for civil litigation, along with tips on how to improve the chances of success with the written word
  • Techniques of persuasion, as well as the applicable legal requirements for a whole host of different courtroom situations
  • Sample precedents of pleadings (statements of claim, defences and counter-claims); legal memoranda; pre-trial memoranda; facta; motions; briefs; and written arguments
  • Advice on effective writing for administrative tribunal and ADR briefs, as well as tips on written advocacy at the appellate level
  • An essential resource written in a style that is accessible to everyone, including law students, articling students, newly-called lawyers and paralegals

New in This Edition

Updated sample precedents for written arguments at trial, letters, and statements of claim and defence A new chapter on writing legal letters and emails, including special email considerations, legal opinions, threatening letters and without prejudice letters A new chapter on drafting legal memoranda

Who Will Benefit From This Book?

This administrative law book will be a particularly useful resource for anyone interested in honing their skills to deliver effective and persuasive written advocacy in their litigation or administrative law cases, including:
  • Junior lawyers and articling students at large and mid-sized law firms
  • Sole practitioners and small law firms that don't specialize in litigation, but take on some matters from time to time
  • Paralegals and students enrolled in advocacy courses
  • Anyone enrolled in a law school or paralegal college course covering advocacy

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Table des matières

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Grammar
Chapter 4: Legal Memorandum
Chapter 5: Civil Pleadings
Chapter 6: Motions and Applications
Chapter 7: Pre-Trial Conference Memoranda
Chapter 8: ADR Briefs
Chapter 9: Factums
Chapter 10: Written Argument at Trial
Chapter 11: Appeals
Chapter 12: Written Advocacy Before Administrative Tribunals