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Document Registration Guide, 24th Edition, 2023

Get the most practical and helpful guide for completing and preparing real estate documents in Ontario. This guide has everything you need and is an essential reference for your day-to-day real estate practice.
Langue De Publication: English
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Softcover | 1,266 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Publié: 21 novembre 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433522591

Détails des produits

Document Registration Guide is the most practical and comprehensive guide for completing and preparing real estate documents in Ontario.

An indispensable tool for real estate practitioners, this updated edition provides you with a concise and convenient overview of real estate law in Ontario. This resource covers topics that are essential for real estate lawyers and law clerks in a professional real estate law practice.

What's New in the 24th Edition
The 24th edition of the Guide has been revised throughout, including:

  • Chapter 1, dealing with types of estates in land
  • Chapter 3, dealing with interest rate and charges by religious organizations
  • Chapter 10, dealing with metes and bounds descriptions, remedies on default, Planning Act amendments proclaimed in force, title and mortgage fraud, and vesting orders
  • Chapter 11, dealing with easements and discharge of easements
  • Chapter 12, dealing with deletion of restrictive covenants
  • Chapter 13, dealing with certificates of pending litigation
  • Chapter 20, dealing with a landlord’s preferred claim in bankruptcy
  • Chapter 21, dealing with power of sale
  • Chapter 22, dealing with foreclosure
  • Chapter 24, dealing with condominiums
  • Chapter 25, dealing with surveys

Raymond H. Mikkola, a partner at the law firm Pallett Valo LLP, has added new content to Chapter 10 that sets out the amendments to the Planning Act, including a discussion of consent certificates. He also details the other amendments, discussing retained lands, lands abutting parcels of land that would otherwise merge on the death of a joint tenant, and a purchaser’s independent entitlement to apply for a severance. Mr. Mikkola has added new content in Chapter 12 that discusses the circumstances in which restrictive covenants may de deleted, including on consent, on expiry, by merger of servient and dominant tenements, and by court order. Mr. Mikkola has also provided new content in Chapter 16 that discusses writs of execution that are filed after the date of signing of the agreement of purchase and sale.

New case annotations have been added to the Guide, to commentary dealing with topics such as mortgage provisions, specific performance, remedies on default, mortgage fraud, vesting orders, easements, certificates of pending litigation, condominiums, and power of sale.


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Table des matières

 Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Transfer/Deed of Land
Chapter 3: Charge/Mortgage of Land
Chapter 4: Discharge of Charge/Mortgage
Chapter 5: Document General/Applications
Chapter 6: Schedule
Chapter 7: Affidavits, Declarations and Recitals
Chapter 8: Powers of Attorney
Chapter 9: Execution of Documents
Chapter 10: Practical Matters Including Vesting Orders
Chapter 11: Easements
Chapter 12: Restrictive Covenants and CPLs
Chapter 13: Cautions
Chapter 14: Notices
Chapter 15: Writs of Seizure and Sale
Chapter 16: Construction Liens
Chapter 17: Change of Status
Chapter 18: Death of Registered Owner
Chapter 19: Bankruptcy
Chapter 20: Power of Sale
Chapter 21: Foreclosure and Judicial Sale
Chapter 22: Leases
Chapter 23: Condominiums
Chapter 24: Plans and Surveys
Chapter 25: Electronic Registration
Chapter 26: The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act
Topical Index
Table of Cases