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White Collar Crime and Compliance – Newsletter + PDF

This newsletter is an important step in providing Canadian corporate leaders, chief compliance officers, risk managers and their legal advisors with timely information on corporate criminal and regulatory requirements, and compliance in Canada.
Langue De Publication: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433496823

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White Collar Crime and Compliance newsletter focuses on criminal regulatory enforcement and trends across Canada in the corporate commercial sector. It's a white paper guide on compliance, both setting out the rules that need to be followed and how to follow them for corporate commercial lawyers.

Past Articles include:

  • New ISO Anti-Corruption Management System by Carla Oliver & Norm Keith
  • Wire Tap Violated Corporate Executive's Constitutional Rights by Shane Todd
  • Chief Compliance Officers At Risk by Norm Keith
  • Legal Clarity and Corporate Compliance by Norm Keith
  • Workplace Manslaughter Charge Going To Trial Says Quebec Superior Court by Norm Keith

Updated bi-monthly, White Collar Crime and Compliance is available in three convenient subscription formats: Print Only, Print + PDF or PDF Only. The PDF version can be posted on your firm's Intranet so that all staff may benefit from this information-packed newsletter. Please note that the PDF version may be used for Internal Distribution only.

Billing Method: Annual Subscription


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