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Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Commercial Law II: Bills of Exchange (2024 Reissue) / Consumer Protection (2024 Reissue) / Sale of Goods (2024 Reissue)

Bills of Exchange delivers a thoughtful summary of the Canadian law relating to bills of exchange and negotiable instruments. Consumer Protection guides practitioners through the law, providing an invaluable review of consumer protection by province, and by industry. Sale of Goods concisely explains the rules governing the sale of goods in Canada.
Langue De Publication: English
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Hardcover | 1,024 pages

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Publié: 27 février 2024
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433530046

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Maurice Coombs, B.Sc., LL.B., LL.M.

Bills, notes and cheques are all types of negotiable instruments. The rules relating to their use constitute a specialized area of commercial law and practice. This valuable title delivers a thoughtful summary of the Canadian law relating to negotiable instruments.

Topics covered include:

  • Acceptance and delivery
  • Capacity and authority of parties
  • Consideration, holders and negotiation
  • Electronic presentment
  • Bank cheques
  • Promissory notes
  • Consumer bills and notes

Eugenia (Evie) Bouras, LL.L., J.D.

Consumer protection laws across Canada are intended to reassure purchasers of goods and services. While the importance of consumer protection to a healthy economy may be uniformly recognized, its regulation varies from one province to the next. Halsbury's Consumer Protection guides practitioners through this emerging area of the law, providing an invaluable review of consumer protection in every Canadian jurisdiction and by industry.

Topics covered in this essential reference include:

  • Consumer contracts
  • Financing protection
  • High-cost credit and payday loan providers
  • Licensing consumer service providers
  • Motor vehicle dealers and repairs
  • Home heating

Valerie Steeves, BA., J.D., Ph.D.

Sale of goods law deals with the creation, interpretation and execution of contracts for the sale of personal property. It is one of the key foundations of commercial law. This accessible title concisely explains the rules governing the sale of goods in Canada, including such topics as:

  • Legislative framework
  • Application of the common law
  • The nature of the sales contract
  • Implied conditions and warranties
  • Transfer of title in goods
  • Rules governing delivery and acceptance
  • Rights of the seller and buyer
  • Actions for breach of contract
  • Québec sales with right of redemption

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Table des matières

I. Introduction
II. Part I of the Act: General
III. Part II of the Act: Bills of Exchange
IV. Part III of the Act: Cheques on a Bank
V. Part IV of the Act: Promissory Notes
VI. Part V of the Act: Consumer Bills and Notes

I. Contracts
II. Financing Protection
III. Licensing Consumer Service Providers
IV. Motor Vehicle Dealers and Repairs
V. Home Heating

I. Introduction
II. The Contract
III. Transfer of Title in Goods
IV. Performance of the Contract
V. Rights of the Parties Against the Goods
VI. Actions for Breach of the Contract
VII. Sales by Auction
VIII. Sales in Québec