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Art Law book image

Art Law: Cases and Controversies
Paul Bain, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B.

With contributions from six American legal experts, this title peaks behind the curtain to provide insight on some key business, tax and intellectual property issues associated with this USD$50-billion global market. Comparisons between the legal realities in the United States and Canada provide useful context, along with an examination of the history behind the legal landscape.

$160 CAD |  April 2022  |  384 Pages  |  Softcover  |  ISBN: 9780433509653

Digital Asset Entanglement book image

Digital Asset Entanglement: Unraveling the Intersection of Estate Laws & Technology
Sharon Hartung, P.Eng., TEP & Jennifer Zegel, Esq., LL.M., TEP

Specialists in their field, this book features perspectives from American and Canadian authors. They explore the importance of digital asset awareness and the challenges associated with managing digital assets – through a comprehensive case study of Quadriga Fintech Solutions, its cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, and the estate of its late CEO, Gerald Cotten.

$80 CAD |  March 2022  |  192 pages  |  Softcover  |  ISBN: 9780433517269

Legal Opinions Com Transactions book image

Legal Opinions in Commercial Transactions, 4th Edition
Wilfred (Bill) M. Estey

Long regarded as the "bible" on third party legal opinions, this book is an invaluable resource for American and Canadian lawyers who prepare legal opinions. Referencing a wealth of American cases and secondary sources, this title examines all aspects of commercial transaction opinions in a variety of contexts, including commercial loans, M&A transactions, securities offerings, secured financings, and cross-border transactions.

$350 CAD |  May 2022  |  1,288 pages  |  Hardcover  |  ISBN: 9780433498780

Canada’s Cannabis Act book image

Canada’s Cannabis Act: Annotation & Commentary, 2022/2023 Edition
Russell Bennett, B.Sc., LL.B. & Professor Emeritus Alan Young

This text is the perfect reference guide for countries looking to federalize cannabis. It identifies the relevant case law and underlying legislation used to draft the Cannabis Act, helping readers analyze the rules and limits of the Act and the Regulations. For ease of navigation, this annotated text is structured according to the 15 Parts of the Act.

$155 CAD |  September 2022  |  Approx. 670 pages  |  Softcover  |  Annual  |  ISBN: 9780433522089

International Business Counsel book image

The International Business Counsel: A Practical Guide
Germán Morales Farah

This book includes practical guidelines for drafting and negotiating international commercial agreements and business arrangements. It is essential reading for lawyers, advisors, consultants, business executives, managers, students and anyone interested in mastering the art of international business transactions.

$100 CAD |  June 2022  |  Approx. 140 pages  |  Softcover  |  ISBN: 9780433517238

Equator Principles book image

Equator Principles and Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, 2nd Edition
Michael Torrance

The Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards are viewed by the financial sector as the leading global frameworks for the proper management of sustainability risks in project development around the world. This new edition offers detailed direction for legal practitioners and advisors on the application of the relevant standards.

$140 CAD  |  March 2021  |  502 pages  |  Softcover  |  ISBN: 9780433514534