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General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law, 2nd Edition, Student Edition

Designed for insurance professionals both with and without technical legal training, General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law explains how these principles operate and how courts have used them in major cases, and provides straightforward analysis and insight. [SOFTCOVER FORMAT]
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433469186

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Whether you are preparing and arguing insurance cases in court, assessing the enforceability of an insurance contract, or advising clients about their insurance contracts – General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law, 2nd Edition, Student Edition (softcover version) provides the straightforward analysis and valuable insight you need to be at your most effective. This comprehensive publication focuses exclusively on Canadian insurance law general principles, and is now fully updated to take into account the latest developments in case law and insurance regulation.

Features and Benefits
  • Contains straightforward, easy-to-understand text – explains the principles applicable to the interpretation and enforcement of insurance contracts
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of insurance contract law – detailing the fundamental principles
  • Offers critical analysis and explanations of key concepts, legislation and cases
  • Outlines the nature of insurance contracts and the sources of insurance law regulation in Canada
  • Features an in-depth discussion of key legal concepts governing the formation of the insurance contract, the insurance policy, claims on the policy and the rights of third parties
  • Includes a glossary of insurance law terms – providing a quick and easy reference to salient insurance law terms and definitions used by the courts
Answers the Most-Asked Questions

This book addresses some of the most common and troublesome issues in insurance law, including:
  • How do statutory classifications impact insurance contracts?
  • How do the courts interpret use and operation in an insurance contract?
  • What are the good faith obligations of the parties to an insurance contract?
  • What obligations do the parties to an insurance contract have to each other when dealing with subrogation rights?
  • How are fundamental common law principles affected by insurance legislation?
What's New in this Edition?
  • Provides coverage of new insurance law regulations in Alberta, Ontario and B.C.
  • Covers the latest insurance case law including the most recent SCC decisions and developments respecting third party rights and obligations, including the doctrine of subrogation
  • An updated glossary featuring new definitions
Who Will Benefit?
  • Insurance lawyers – providing an excellent reference and research resource on insurance law contracts
  • In-house counsel – a guide for any company dealing with insurance contracts of any kind on a regular bases (banks, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Insurance law students– as an introduction to and explanation of important insurance law concepts
  • Insurance adjusters and claims examiners – as a guideline for the insurance law principles they follow in their daily practice
  • Law libraries – providing an excellent legal research resource for insurance law

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Foundations of Insurance Law
Chapter 2: Formation of an Insurance Contract
Chapter 3: The Insurance Policy
Chapter 4: Claims on the Policy
Chapter 5: Third Party Rights and Obligations
Glossary of Insurance Terms
Appendix – Statutory Conditions