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Canadian Tort Law, 10th Edition – Student Edition

Written by two of Canada's leading tort law scholars, the tenth edition continues the standard of excellence achieved by each previous edition and answers questions for all professionals in this field. [SOFTCOVER FORMAT]
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433479635

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Canada's Most Frequently Cited Treatise on Tort Law
When Canadian Tort Law was first published in 1972, it became the first treatise on the law of torts in Canada. The tenth edition continues the standard of excellence achieved by each previous edition. As the treatise most commonly cited by the Supreme Court of Canada and other Canadian courts, Canadian Tort Law, 10th Edition – Student Edition (softcover version) has greatly influenced the development of tort law in Canada.

Written by two of Canada's leading tort law scholars, the ninth edition answers questions for all professionals in this field. Coverage includes:

  • Detailed discussion of every facet of tort law, including intentional torts and negligence – explaining the law from a uniquely Canadian perspective
  • Details of all important appellate caselaw from the last five years – keeping you current on decisions that impact how torts cases are approached
  • Simple, straightforward prose – clarifying complex theoretical issues
  • Logical organization of material corresponding to the Canadian Tort Law, Cases Notes & Materials, 14th Edition (also co-authored by Linden and Feldthusen) – streamlining your research and case preparation

What's New in this Edition

  • Further elaboration of the Anns/Cooper analysis, and public authority immunity, in Imperial Tobacco Ltd.
  • Clarification of causation principles and material contribution in Clements v. Clements
  • Description of a new mental element added to the Ward v. Vancouver (City) Charter damages jurisprudence
  • New insight into the remoteness element provided in Mustapha
  • Further cases on the treatment of violation of statutes in relation to the standard of care
  • Coverage of new developments in privacy law triggered by the decision in Jones v. Tsige
  • Reflections on the impact of the Inco and Atrium Truck decisions on the law of nuisance
  • Incorporation of the new statutory defences contained in the Citizen's Arrest and Self Defence Act

A Thoroughly Up-to-Date Analysis for:

  • Personal injury lawyers who need a Canadian-focused account of tort law that covers multiple recent changes in the field
  • Judges who must rely on recent pronouncements by the Supreme Court
  • Law professors and students seeking a treatise that explains the current Canadian law of torts
  • General practitioners who need a quick, easy reference on tort cases, such as automobile accidents and slip and fall cases, to help them assess whether to handle or refer a case

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Functions of Tort Law
Chapter 2: Intentional Interference with the Person
Chapter 3: Defences to the Intentional Torts
Chapter 4: Negligence: The Elements: Damage and Causation
Chapter 5: Negligence: The Standard of Care
Chapter 6: Custom
Chapter 7: Statutory Violations and the Standard of Care in Negligence
Chapter 8: Proof of Negligence
Chapter 9: Duty
Chapter 10: Remoteness of Damage and Proximate Cause: Extent of Liability
Chapter 11: Negligent Infliction of Psychiatric Damage
Chapter 12: Negligent Infliction of Pure Economic Loss
Chapter 13: Defences to Negligence: The Conduct of the Plaintiff
Chapter 14: Strict Liability
Chapter 15: Nuisance
Chapter 16: Products Liability
Chapter 17: Governmental Liability
Chapter 18: Occupiers' Liability
Chapter 19: Defamation