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Growing a Law Practice During COVID-19

“There has never been a more critical time for lawyers to start acting and functioning like businesspeople.” This new publication will show you how to do precisely that.
Publication Language: English

Softcover | 150 pages

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Published: June 08, 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433515661

Product description

"The skills and techniques presented within the text are applicable at any time in a law firm’s growth as a business. The current pandemic has prompted many lawyers to struggle to find ways to keep their practices afloat, which is why Mitchell wrote the text at this time: to encourage lawyers to focus on their practices as businesses and keep themselves relevant and solvent during the crisis. The accessibility of the writing, first-hand knowledge of the issues, and real-world focus of the content make Growing a Law Practice During COVID-19 an excellent addition to any law firm, courthouse, or law society library collection."

Reviewed by Jenny Thornhill, Law Librarian
Law Society of Newfoundland & Labrador Law Library

See the review in 2022 Canadian Law Library Review 47:1 (page 23)

As author and strategic business coach, Gary Mitchell, states in the Preface to his new publication, “No matter where you are in your career, COVID-19 has had and will continue to have a deep impact on everyone and everything, including the legal profession.” Mitchell’s book, Growing a Law Practice During COVID-19, will help you overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

Proven, practical strategies
This book was designed to help lawyers navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic – and come out stronger than before. In developing the content, the author has modified proven business tips and strategies to take into account the restrictions, lockdowns and other impediments that the legal world is coping with because of COVID-19.

In addition to those tried-and-true tactics, Growing a Law Practice During COVID-19 offers insight into the importance of self-care during these stressful times, as well as invaluable advice on staying healthy in both mind and body, including guidance on how to cope with negativity while focusing on growing a successful and sustainable law practice.

The author’s main points are illustrated – and strengthened – by the inclusion of client success stories. These first-hand testimonials further reinforce the effectiveness of Mitchell’s approach. 

Broad relevance
Because of the widespread impact of COVID-19, this volume has universal application and is relevant at the provincial, national and international levels. Lawyers who are interested in getting help growing or adjusting their practice will find it particularly useful, as well as law students who will be starting their own practice in a post-pandemic world. Growing a Law Practice During COVID-19 would also be an important acquisition for law schools and law libraries.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Getting in the ultimate mindset
1. Typical lawyer personality traits
2. Right brain vs. left brain
3. Thoughts on mindset
4. Avoiding pitfalls
5. What to expect

Chapter 2: Put your own mask on first
1. My first time on an airplane
2. Creating your COVID sanity plan
3. Creating your COVID savings account

Chapter 3: Practice management
1. Conducting a time audit
2. Time management tips
3. Docketing
4. Working from home tips

Chapter 4: Client service in the COVID-19 era
1. Client services leads to growth
2. The market opportunities
3. Client service innovation tips
4. Your client relations strategy/plan
5. Service from the start
6. Value added approach

Chapter 5: Your business plan
1. Why plan?
2. My TST™ Methodology to set you up for success
3. Your business plan template
4. Into action

Chapter 6: Marketing during COVID-19
1. What is marketing?
2. Why now, during COVID-19?
3. What’s different with COVID-19?
4. Marketing tactics
5. Measuring results

Chapter 7: Business development during COVID-19
1. What is business development?
2. Conducting your business development audit
3. Stage One: Setting up your business development plan for clients and contacts
4. Stage Two: Going deeper approach
5. Stage Three: Getting to the heart of the legal needs
6. Generating work from other lawyers at your firm
7. Generating more work from current clients
8. Measuring results

Chapter 8: HR management & higher profitability
1. Why HR is critical to your growth
2. Hiring
3. On-boarding and development
4. Managing your people

Chapter 9: Effective leadership through COVID-19
1. What is leadership?
2. Leadership in a law firm
3. Characteristics of successful leadership
4. Steps to successful leadership
5. Leading change

Chapter 10: Major transitions through COVID-19
1. Change in general
2. Changing practice areas
3. Changing firms
4. From solo to firm

Chapter 11: Succession planning
1. Common challenges
2. Succession specific to solo practice and smaller firms
3. Succession specific to larger firms

Chapter 12: In their own words