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Ontario Insurance Law & Commentary, 2020 Edition

This concise guide to insurance law in Ontario is designed for insurance law practitioners, in-house counsel, insurance companies and professionals.
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433499220

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This annually updated desktop reference includes these unique features:

  • Expert overview commentary on key elements in the practice of liability, property and life insurance – gives you a better grasp of common issues in daily practice
  • Expert review of key provisions of the Ontario Insurance Act – assists you in the proper interpretation of the key provisions
  • Expert insights on recent developments and practice issues – keeps you up-to-date and informed
  • Full text of the Insurance Act and key Regulations, and related legislation – provides ready access to the most current legislation
  • Full text of pertinent Superintendent's Guidelines – keeps you on guard for operational protocols

Who Should Buy

  • Insurance law practitioners including private, government, corporate and in-house counsel – who want to stay abreast of recent developments and practice issues
  • Insurance companies including insurance brokers, adjusters and risk managers – who need to interpret and explain insurance policies
  • Insurance professionals' institutes – who need to be a resource for members on current practice issues
  • Large business corporations – who need an authoritative overview of the legislative framework and ready access to the legislation
  • Academic institutions – who want to add a practitioner's discussion of insurance law to their resources

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Table of contents

Commentary – Encapsulating, Annotating and Updating the Law of Insurance

Insurance Act
         Insurance Act Regulations
        Superintendent's Guideline No. 08/04 –
        Minimum Capital Test Guideline for Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Corporations Act

Financial Services Commission of Ontario Act, 1997
         Financial Services Commission of Ontario Act, 1997 Regulations

Registered Insurance Brokers Act
         Registered Insurance Brokers Act Regulations