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Rules of Patent Drafting: Guidelines from Federal Circuit Case Law, 2018 Edition

Rules of Patent Drafting: Guidelines from Federal Circuit Case Law, by Joseph Root, gives patent drafters a wealth of strategic, organized information on the relevant case law issued by the Federal Circuit.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781522153702
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Rules of Patent Drafting: Guidelines from Federal Circuit Case Law (2018 Edition) presents a unique approach to mastering the art of patent drafting. Author Joseph Root distills Federal Circuit jurisprudence into a set of rules, each embodying the essence of requirements for patent validity in a given area. One cannot employ these rules by rote, but understanding and applying their underlying principles will lead to bulletproof patents. Earlier editions gained widespread praise from reviewers and bloggers.

The 2018 Edition updates previous text in the crucial areas of patent eligibility, definiteness, and inequitable conduct. Recent changes in those fields are placed in the context of previous decisions, and drafting advice has been modified to produce successful results. Where one cannot have much confidence in predicting future directions, drafters are directed toward a conservative approach most likely to achieve desired coverage. Drafters need guidance in drafting the cases in front of them today, and this work maintains a steady focus on the practical issue of drafting patent applications in the face of a confusing environment.

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Table of contents

Introduction: The Disclosure Revolution

PART I Patenting for Breadth
CHAPTER 1 Drafting for Breadth
CHAPTER 2 Claiming for Breadth
CHAPTER 3 Prosecuting for Breadth

PART II Specification Drafting
CHAPTER 4 Utility
CHAPTER 5 Written Description
CHAPTER 6 Enablement
CHAPTER 7 Best Mode

PART III Claim Drafting
CHAPTER 8 Preamble
CHAPTER 9 Transition
CHAPTER 10 Claim Body
CHAPTER 11 Definiteness
CHAPTER 12 Means-plus-Function Claims

PART IV Avoiding Problems
CHAPTER 13 Bars: Printed Publication
CHAPTER 14 Bars: Public Use
CHAPTER 15 Bars: On Sale
CHAPTER 16 Inventorship and Priority
CHAPTER 17 Inequitable Conduct

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes